How is it the end of September already?


It is expected of all children to practise and learn their spellings every week for their test.  However, we seem to have some children who are reluctant to learn their spellings because they 'forget'.  Please can we ensure that all children practise their spellings and make the effort to look at their spellings before the night before their test.  I have told the children that if we all get 9 or 10 out of 10 in our next test, we will have a treat as a class, which the children will choose themselves. 

Six children have achieved 10 out of 10 in their spellings for four weeks in row!!! Congratulations to Leila, Lanie-Mae, Ellie-Mae, Lee, Emma and Suzanna who as a result, chose to have a baking afternoon on Friday with myself, making chocolate rice crispy cakes and eating brownies.  We had a lovely afternoon and I would love to be able to do similar things with the whole class. 

It is important that children learn their spellings in order to improve their level of writing and vocabulary.

It was an absolute joy to see so many family members of the children Silver Class in School on Friday in Harvest Assmebly.  I personally was quite emotional when listening to the choir sing as two of our girls performed solo's and their voices were beautiful!  Ellie-Mae and Jasmine were so brave to stand up infront of the whole school and I am very proud of you both!! Well done to all of the children who were involved in the assembly, it was a delight to see so many of you up there taking part. 

Three weeks of term left to go - let's make them count.  

Star of the Week and Merit Certificates for last week went to Leila, Jasmine and Suzanna. 

This weeks certificates will be handed out on Monday.