From holding spiders to watching the school talent show, there has been a lot going on in school this week and Silver Class have thoroughly enjoyed every single second!

The talent show was on Tuesday this week and a lot of Silver Class took part as an act or in the choir.

Ellie-Mae - Pop star

Abbey Keane - Irish dancer

Zak and Reo - Rappers

Lanie-Mae - Pop star 

Leila, Daisy, Abigail Hirst, Dominic, Amy, Abigail Keane, Ellie-Mae, Suzanna, Lexi and Lanie-Mae - Choir superstars

A huge congratulations to the joint winners with Ruby and Gabby, Zak and Reo!

We also had a visit from Spider-Man on Wednesday, where we had the opportunity to hold a bearded dragon, lizard, spiders, snakes and an owl.  Thank you to Mrs Hanigan for organising this activity, we loved it!

On Friday morning, we made cards and wrapped up our pots for Mother's Day. The children tried really hard not to let anyone know who the pots were for but they were very excited to finally let the cat out of the bag.  If I do say so myself, they looked beautiful.  A lot of children were lucky enough to take part in a lovely afternoon with their mums/someone special, as they ate cake and enjoyed activities in the hall.  Thank you to Mrs Bradley and the PTFA for organising such a wonderful afternoon.

It is Green Week week next week where we will be doing things a little bit differently, such as powering down and being very active! Let's hope we enjoy next week as much as we have this week.

Our star of the week was Zak and the merit certificates went to Ellie-Mae and Dominic.