This week has been all go, go, go!

We are straight back into the swing of things in Silver Class and we have all worked trumendously hard. 

In Mathematics, we started off by looking at partitioning when multiplying two numbers and using our knowledge of our times tables to help us.  We have then moved onto fractions, where we found non-unit fractions of numbers and all of Silver Class worked incredibly hard to complete their fraction work independently.  In English we have hit the final stages of making our tours of the School and they are looking fantabulous!  Our aim is to have them on the website next week to show people at home what we have created, fingers crossed we finish them on time. In History we have moved onto looking at the Indus Valley Civilisation and in Science we have discovered lots of different facts about our teeth.  

In P.E this week we played lots of different games and activities to do with communicating and working as part of a team.  We then played benchball, where we couldn't speak to one another so we had to communicate as a team using our bodies and there was a lot of waving our hands in the air!  It was amazing to see the whole class working together and having fun, we enjoyed it so much we even played again on Friday, where myself and Mr Price couldn't help but join in. One of our merit certificates this week has been awarded to the whole class for their team work, skill and communication.  Dominic also won our other merit certificate for his defending skills, the effort Dominic put into the game was outstanding.  Well done Dominic!

Our star of the week award went to Lexi, well done Lexi!

Please can I remind you that the children should be be reading at home every night and practising their spellings.  This weeks results were rather disappointing seeing as they had three weeks to learn them.  One piece of homework is still to be handed in every Friday and if the children fail to do so, they will complete a piece in Golden Time. 

Thank you for your continued support.