In English this week we have started a new story called “Dougal’s Deep Sea Diary.” We explored vocabulary we could use to describe what it might be like und the sea and then made predictions for the end of the story.

Filip “Dougal is eaten by a shark!”

Sophia “I think he might meet Bob.”

In Maths we have been counting on and back in 10s, partitioning numbers and using number facts to help us answer 2-digit addition questions. We have used bead strings, base 10 and coins to help us.


In science we went on a leaf hunt in the school ground to identify different types of trees.

Ellie “I have seen blossom trees”

Kyle “That’s an Oak tree”


In PE we played relay races and followed a simple map to different coloured spots on the playground to find different numbers that we could add up.


In Geography we have been learning about compass directions. We played games outside using the directions on a giant compass drawn in chalk then worked in pairs to give directions to a partner.


In R.E we have been learning about the festival of Ramadan. The children learnt that it was a fasting ritual and at the end they have a large family gathering called Eid.


In Art the children were using warm and cold colours to create an abstract piece of art.

On Thursday the children in Moonbeam class had a sporty morning. The football development team came in and taught the children dribbling, passing and team work skills. The children also completed a sport maths quiz with Matt and Frank. The children had an amazing time. If they weren't tired enough they then had their usual multi-skills session with Dan where the children practised their rolling skills to play a team game. 

Star of the week – Charley

Merit winners – Jack and Eliza