Roman Week in Silver Class. 


Roman week started. We started the week learning about the Roman Gods, we learnt their names and their reason for being a god or goddess. We then named our groups after a chosen god or goddess. 

These are the table names -

Jupiter - the King of the Gods

Neptune - the God of the Sea

Venus - the Goddess of Love 

Pluto - the God of the Underworld

Mars - the God of War 

Diana - the Goddess of the Moon and Women 

We had a  go at painting the Roman gods, but it did not go to plan. In the afternoon, Mrs Bradley taught the class and we labelled a picture of a Roman soldier. We also started to create our shields (scutum). 


Tuesday morning was spent as a special day dedicated to Safer Internet Use. So we did not continue with the Roman theme in the morning. In the afternoon, we played traditional Roman sports in PE. One game involved throwing a hard ball and a soft ball from one end of the hall into a basket at the other end of the hall. Tegan was the only person who got the ball in. 


We learnt more about the Roman number system called Roman Numerals. We created colourful posters explaining what each number represented. We then learnt all about Julius Caesar and decided whether we thought he was a good man or a bad man. We had a debate and wrote down arguments for and against. We learnt that Caesar was in love with Cleopatra and killed her brother so she could be the Pharoah of Egypt. 

In the afternoon, we worked with Mrs Miller and created some of our own Roman mosaics... some where very interesting. 


Thursday morning was our busiest morning so far. We spent the morning arranging, writing and creating our own information text pages for the Non- Fiction text book that we have created. 

In the afternoon, we had a Roman battle in the hall and Max was Julius Caesar and Noah was Lord Pompey. We made a tortoise shell position out of the shields we had made, which was a very common Roman battle position. We made our own Roman numeral clocks and used laptops to research the food at a traditional Roman banquet. 


In assembly with Mr Blackburn, we showed off the Roman Big Book and explained what we had done this week. We then went back to class and did a descriptive Big Write about a Roman village. 

We are having a ROMAN BANQUET!

The Roman menu includes - ham, chicken, grapes, grape juice, bread and cheese. 

Star of the Week is LEON!

Merit Certificate went to Max. 

Merit Certificate went to ALL OF SILVER CLASS.