we stepped back in time to THE ROMAN ERA.



       YESTERDAY me and my class went to the roman museum in Ribchester.

We travelled by couch, the drive was half an hour long and I enjoyed it and I Wish it was longer  because I enjoyed looking at the hoses with my friends like max.

Patrick talk Patrick was talking all about the romans 



                                     By Dawid Simon Shalkevich

It was Tuesday in the morning, we went to the bus we had to choose a partner to sit with my partner was Finlay the only thing we did in the bus was talking about Build a boat for treasure. When we finally stopped at the car park we had to get are bag and go out of the bus. After, we got out and we went to a hall in the hall we put are bags then we went out of the hall and went to the museum. At the museum we met the museum owner called Patrick he told us that there are ruins of a roman village under the museum. We sore a painting that was a painting of how the roman village might have looked like.

Patrick, got out some roman artefacts there was lodes of pottery after he chose Evie to choose somebody to wear some roman armour Evie chose Jahi. Jahi wore the roman armour it was a chain shirt and a helmet he hold a spear too.



By Emily J

Yesterday me and silver class and year 3 went to the Roman museum in Ribchester. We  travelled by coach, the drive was about half an hour long when we got inside the museum we got put in a big room were we got told about the Romans. The man that was talking to us about the Romans was called Patrick. Patrick let us try on some Roman clothes I held a shield and a sword it was great after that we went to look around the museum.


We looked at loads of cool artefacts I saw some tools and old sandals that they used to wear we also saw the only gold coin they had found whilst looking for other artefacts. After that we went for a little hike before the year 3s come back we went to the old bath house and sat beside the river then we went back just in time for lunch after me and Sofia finished are lunch we did the Miss Mary Mack clapping game.


Once everyone had finished their lunch we went to the graveyard  Mr Mearns set us a challenge to find the oldest person


The Roman Museum

Emily Parkinson


  Today class and I  went   on a trip to the Roman Museum in Ribchester, we went on a bus and had a lot of fun and in wos



The Roman Museum

By EMMA JONESImage result for ribchester roman museum


Today, my class and I went on a trip to the roman museum in Ribchester. At 9am in the morning we went on the coach to Ribchester which was a lot of fun.  It took about 30 minutes to go to Ribchester but it felt like 40 minutes to me, my partner was Layla. When we got to Ribchester we went to the Roman Museum, when we went up the stairs we saw the Roman Gallery. When we went into the Gallery there was a man named Patrick, Patrick is a fast talker.


The Roman Ribchester Trip

BY Evie Duffy

Year 3 And 4 Trip .


The Bus Ride

Year 3 and 4 went on a trip to the Roman Ribchester Museum, we set off at 9:00pm and got on the coach in our partners. We chose who we wanted to be partners with and my partner was Jaedah, I sat next to the window and saw lots of beautiful valleys and fields. The ride went on for half and hour more or less.


When We Arrived At The Museum

We arrived at the museum after the journey and we waited outside until we could go in. Instead of waiting, we decided to go and put our lunchboxes in the big hall that was in a small building which was attached to the museum. Inside the hall was a huge stage with a big painting at the back, curtains, plants and fences. It looked like they was going to put on a musical. After that, we eventually got to go inside.


Inside The Museum

We went up some stairs and put down our coats on a table and went into a room. It was only a small room, we sat down on the carpet and waited for what was next. After about a thirty second wait, and man came into the room named, Patrick. He asked us some questions to see what we already knew about the Romans. We answered a lot of questions, at the front of the room was an amazing painting of the Roman town painted by an artist. There was so much detail.

 The roman times romans mainly used – Metal. It was used for tools which was the most popular thing for making tools back then, even now! I was chose to go to the front to try on some armour and then I chose Jahi to try on some armour, Jahi had a go first, he wore, a metal chain looking t-shirt which was armour, he held a spear and a shield, he wore and helmet, and after that a helmet with a face calved into it. Jahi was a roman solider on horseback.

I was a foot solider, and I wore, metal armour, a helmet with fuzzy hair

on top, I held a shield, a real sword, and the sword cover went ove my held and under my arm. When that finished Patrick took out a real piece or pottery found on a ship in Spain which was 2000 years old! But there was another one that was made in Spain 4 years ago so it isn’t that old.


Leaving The Room.

It was getting closer to lunch and we finished off talking with Patrick. We left the room and went outside to let year 3 go into Patrick's room.



By Finlay

Today I walked through the green gates of school and David came over to me. He told me what he had for lunch while we walked over to a board with a goal keeper on it where all my friends where. Jahi was the first to greet me so I said hi back then everyone said hi to me then the whistle blew and my class went strait in because we had a trip to Ribchester museum.  The coach was parked outside the school and it’s  brand new  I got my lunch bag which is a plastic bag and my coat was kept on me we got out the door.

The bus journey