Our top 5 moments this week have been:

  • Making pottery with Mrs Miller – we cannot wait to paint these next Monday and see the finished product that we have created.
  • Starting our gymnastics topic in PE and beginning to look at different types of rolls we could add into a sequence.
  • Continuing our Poetry topic and learning about what a Haiku is and the features of it! (I wonder if you can remember this now you’re home.)
  • Measuring different masses using weighing scales, estimating what we think the objects might weigh beforehand and converting the mass from grams into kilograms.
  • Learning more about different settlements in Geography and the reasons why people might choose certain sites.

The award winners this week are:

  • Merits – Nevaeh and Ben
  • Star of the week – Indy
  • Good Friend – Charley

Have a lovely weekend everyone.

Miss Pass and Mrs Miller J