This week we have been learning about:

  • We’ve painted our pottery this week.
  • It was really good (Jamie)
  • It was hard but a bit fun(Alara)
  • It was fun but a bit difficult too (Ela)
  • I liked it , it was really fun (Charley)
  • It was super fun (Joey)


In Maths this week we have started to learn about rounding up to 10, 100 and 1000

  • It was fun and sometimes difficult ( Ellie)
  • It was really easy because we was rounding the numbers up to ten (Oscar)
  • A bit fun and hard (Casey)
  • It was hard and a bit easy (Ela)

In English we have been doing poetry and we all wrote our own poems and preformed them to the class.

  • I liked when they preformed them (Miss pass)
  • I liked preforming it to the class (Ela)
  • I liked doing it when we was writing and preforming (Indy)
  • It was hard it was really fun and I tried really hard (Charley)
  • I enjoyed the Christmas feeling and it was super fun to do(Ellie)

In French we learnt to say I like I don’t like I love and I hate

  • It was a bit confusing but I learnt the right words eventually J’ adore sport it meant I love p.E (Ellie)
  • I remembered a lot of words like j’aime is I like J’adore is I love j’ deteste is I hate and j’ naim pas is I don’t like (Emily)