Another amazing week in silver class has sadly come to an end. This week Emily and Jehanna have written our class blog.

Red nose week


English- word detctive’s learning about adding prefixes.

  • I thought it was really fun- Jehanna
  • I liked looking through the dictionary for new words-Emily
  • I liked making the booklet and drawing the front cover- Joey
  • I liked learning and doing prefixes-Ellie
  • I liked putting stuff inside the booklet-Oscar


Maths-bus stop method

All week we’ve been learning bus stop method and doing remainders.

  • I didn’t like doing the remainders but I liked doing bus stop method-Jehanna
  • I liked that it was all division- Joey
  • I liked doing the questions because my mum taught me and they were really easy.-Emily
  • I thought it was really hard but I liked it-Oscar
  • I liked doing it but it was a little hard- Ellie

Red nose day- we’ve celebrated for children in need

  • Today we’ve bought red noses for £1.50 and I got the lady bug- Jehanna
  • I liked wearing red noses for charity- Joey
  • I liked making biscuits and decorating them with sweets- Emily