We have had a really fun week this week filled with excitement about the Euros and lots of learning alongside this. 

This week we have:

  • Completed our History topic looking at Crime and Punishment through the ages. We created our own chronological timelines including the periods we looked at and what we have learnt about them. We also thought about how the past compares to modern Crime and Punishment. 
  • We finished off our Geometry topic studying co-ordinates and using them to plot different points on a map and find objects also. 
  • In English we have continued making our poetry booklets - looking at syllabic poetry (Haiku's) and rhymes and similes. 
  • We have enjoyed making some posters and flags for the football final on Sunday and all cannot wait to see the score. 

Our merit winners this week are:

  • Star of the week - Emily
  • Merits - Indy and Jack
  • Good Friend - Casey 

Well done for an excellent week Silver Class. We hope you have a lovely weekend and enjoy the football! 

We look forward to seeing you on Monday for our final week!

Miss Pass and Mrs Miller :)