First Week Back

Our top 5 moments this week:

  1. In English we have looked at Newspaper Articles and we’ve had a go at re-writing a boring one to make it more interesting.
  2. In Mathematics we looked at place value and decimals we have really enjoyed looking at some column additions also.
  3. Geography was…
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The end of another half term

Wow! What an amazing half term we have had in silver class!


Our top moments from this half term have been:

1. Continuing to learn and master our times tables. 

2. Studying Hinduism and learning about the different Gods such as Krishna and Ganesh.

3. Writing diary entries in…

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Our Top Five moments this week...

It's been very hard for us to choose 5 top moments this week, but here's what we came up with:

1. Creating leaflets in Science about Electricity to 'show off' our amazing understanding.

2. Reading, annotating and performing poetry in English lessons. 

3. Finding a mental method in Maths…

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Our Top Moments this Week!

Top 5 moments of this week in Silver Class:

  1. We have made some fantastic gargoyles using junk modelling and Scottish Architecture as an influence!
  2. Writing a final chapter for The Spiderwick Chronicles – ending it how we want too! The children used brilliant vocabulary and writing skills in…
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Fantastic Fractions

This week the children have been focusing on learning how to find fractions of different numbers using their knowledge of multiplication, division and fractions. (Let’s see if they have remembered – ask your child the two steps to finding a fraction of a number!)

In English the children have…

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Delving into the world of The Spiderwick Chronicles

The children started off the week brilliantly with amazing results in their spelling tests and enthusiasm in all of their lessons.

The children have been focusing on Crime and Punishment more this week and that is something that they seem to have really engaged in and are enjoying a lot, which…

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The start of a New Year

Wow! What a brilliant first week back we have had in Silver Class!

It has been lovely to hear about the amazing Christmas breaks all of the children have had and see their excitement to get back to school and see their friends.

The children have been working extremely hard this week…

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Is it Christmas yet?

This week has been a fun filled Christmassy week for Silver class. We have really started to get into the Christmas spirit – creating Christmas crafts and completing Christmas themed challenges.

The children have really impressed us with their mathematical knowledge this week completing a…

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Christmas is Coming

This week the children have brought much of their learning to close. We have completed our poetry topic by writing a final poem using all of our learning. The final pieces of work are brilliant and the children have worked hard to include similes, metaphors and personification in their work. The…

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Our Week of Poetry

Darcy has written our blog for this week.

“This week we have been doing ….


We have been making our own poems and have been spotting personification, similes and metaphors. We also have been listening to other poems and used imagery to make an image on what the poems tell us.

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What A Week

This week the children have been planning and writing their own spooky story in the style of the one that we have read as a class. The whole class have amazed me with the quality and standard of their writing when completing their stories.

During maths we have been focusing on decimals and…

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First Week Back

What a wonderful first week back at school for Silver Class. The children have worked extremely hard and come back with a brilliant attitude towards their learning.

This week we have begun studying ‘Spooky Stories’ in our English and thinking about the effect that reading the story using tone…

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