The Great Debate

  1. We spent a lot of our time this week learning about debates. We discussed the key features needed in a debate on Monday and then gathered research for our debate about school uniform throughout the week. On Friday we divided the class into two sections and had our own House of Commons style…
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All About Muggles

  1. We have had a busy week in Diamond Class and in Mathematics we were particularly busy. We began the week by researching the places where we may find negative numbers in real life situations before answering questions based on real data. We then studied timetables and answered key questions…
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Another Busy Week

1. We began writing our own diary entry from the perspective of someone who lived during the Black Death. We had to consider what symptoms we could see around us, what the plague doctors were doing and what actions other people around us were taking.


2. In Science, we tested the difference…

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The Black Death

This week a major focus of our learning was about The Black Death and more specifically, the effects that The Black Death had on England at the time. We discussed many different ideas and read through various sources. Below are the ideas that interested us the most and we have come to a decision…

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Welcome to 2020


1. This week we began our new English topic about the Museum of Fun. We shall be investigating each room in the museum, before writing a review of the museum as an assessed piece of writing. We shall later be creating our own adverts for the museum too. 

2. In…

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Our Festive Traditions

This week in Diamond class we have been starting to get ready for Christmas!

We continued to practise our Christmas Carols with Mrs Bennett, in preparation for our Carol Concert at the Christian Centre in the final week of this half term. An event not to be missed!

In RE, we have…

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Presentation Time!

This week we created our Migration PowerPoints and presented them to the class. As mentioned in the previous blog, we were given a big question  - Which animal has the toughest migration?


Each group had to present their findings to the rest of the class, whilst Mr Blackburn and Mrs Gibson…

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A Week In Quotes

“On Monday I enjoyed our PSHCE lesson about secrets. I enjoyed reading the scenario cards we were given and discussing whether it was a secret we would keep or a secret that we should not agree to keep.” – Alice Dalmeida


“On Tuesday I enjoyed writing my recipe for my own curry with Mrs…

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Our new English topic is Migration. The big question for this unit is “Which animal has the toughest migration?” Throughout the week we began looking at the migration journeys of different animals and will continue this into next week.


In Science we studied the lunar cycle of the Moon. As…

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Autumn Term 2

A warm, welcome back to you all. I hope you have all enjoyed your half terms! This has been a short week but a very busy nonetheless!


On Wednesday, we began learning about how we can use colons in our writing. We discussed the three different ways in which we can use colons in our writing:…

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Evacuee Day

This week we took part in our long awaited Evacuee Day. Can I just say, on behalf of myself and Mrs Gibson, a big thank you first and foremost to all the parents who helped their children dress up in such spectacular costumes for the day. The children looked absolutely FANTASTIC!! It was certainly…

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Friend or Foe?

What a busy week we have had!

We began reading our new book – Friend or Foe – in English. To immerse us in this new topic, we have been carrying out research into the Blitz and evacuees during World War Two. We began the week asking questions we wished to know about this era of history and…

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