Step Back In Time (again)


we stepped back in time to THE ROMAN ERA.



       YESTERDAY me and my class went to the roman museum in Ribchester.

We travelled by couch, the drive was half an hour long and I enjoyed it and I Wish…

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Spinning Around

This week has gone so fast it feels like we have been spinning AROUND. 



We came back to school and did Singing Assembly. 

We learnt about negative numbers. 

We started a new topic in English - the Shang Dynasty of Ancient Egypt. 



We have participated…

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This Wheel's On Fire

The Kiln Wheel is on Fire as the pots are placed in the kiln for finishing. 

A few weeks back, Jane from the company Fired4U came into our class and made some pots with us. We then decorated them using specialist stamps and paints. We had a fantastic time but we have kept it under wraps as the…

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dot dot dot by Jaedah.

  2. on Monday my class have started a new book called spider wick .
  4. on Tuesday in PE WE PLAYED  football witch i did not enjoy. We also read the next chapter of spider wick.
  6. IN the afternoon Mr Herd was with us to do ART.
  8. THURSDAY was fun fun fun…
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Whats next...? by Jahi h





Today we started our new book called Spiderwick chronicles the field guide.we felt very sad that misses miller was of school because she had a sore arm.


w.a.s the best

-,.day ever because we did foot ball YAY# A U SOME  and we did fun lessons .

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Kilometres not Finlay L

This week in silver class we have been up to..


Miss miller was off

On Monday we got started on The Spiderwick  Chronicles the field guide.

In maths we are learning about kilometres and a kilometre is 1000 metres



On Tuesday we were all tired and did fun…

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This week has been very busy, so today we are taking things slowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.



We welcomed a new friend to the Silver Class family - Tanishka. 

We performed a choral reading of a poem. 

We learnt about states of matter - solids, liquids and gases. 

We learnt how…

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Better than today


Everyday is getting better and better


"In Mathematics, we learnt all about decimal numbers, we multiplied and divided them and then did some column addition"

- Dawid 

"In English, we have been learning about poetry. We looked at free verse poems, kenning poems and acrostic…

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Last week was a time bomb... travelling back to the Roman times. Take a look at our banquet,. 

Take a look at our new galleries. We have pictures from the Roman Banquet and from our circuit making Science. 

Star of the Week - Finlay Lewis

Merit Certificates are awarded to Logan and…

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Red Blooded

Roman Week in Silver Class. 


Roman week started. We started the week learning about the Roman Gods, we learnt their names and their reason for being a god or goddess. We then named our groups after a chosen god or goddess. 

These are the table names -

Jupiter - the King of the…

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I Believe In You

In PSHE we have been thinking about self confidence and believing in ourselves. 

In History we have been learning about the Romans. We have written a letter from the perspective of a Roman soldier.

In Mathematics, we have been learning about long multiplication. 

In English, we have…

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It is time for Celebration as we welcome the New Year. 

It has felt like such a long time since we last blogged. For the past two Friday afternoons, Ms Bamber has been working in other places around school so we have not been able to blog. So this is our first blog of 2019. 

There are lots…

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