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Mrs Hanigan

Hello, my name is Mrs Hanigan, I've been happily teaching at Pool House for over ten years now. One of my roles here, is to work with children who are more able, gifted and talented. Check out the Blog Page, to see what we have been up to in class each week. I am here every Tuesday and Wednesday, so if you ever want to speak to me, just call school or pop in.

Able, Gifted and Talented Information

The learning environment can have a profound effect on the achievement of all learners. We aim to include:

  • Encouragement of individual children
  • The setting of individual targets for all children based upon their previous achievements
  • Exploring children's interests
  • The expectations conveyed to the pupils
  • Discovering how the children learn best
  • Some open-ended tasks
  • Extension activities
  • Enrichment activities
  • Investigations, including the children devising their own investigations
  • Children making choices and giving reasons and jusifications for those choices
  • Concept mapping to reveal the children's understanding
  • Appropriate teacher language (higher order questioning)
  • Setting time limits and ensuring good pace in activities
  • Differentiated planning for all lesson
  • Children learning self-correcting strategies
  • Children posing questions to each other
  • Independent strategies
  • Out of class activities
  • Where appropriate, giving adequate thinking time

So, what does it mean?

At Pool House, we do our upmost to meet the needs of all of our pupils. One of the ways that this is done, it through identifying and providing for more able children.

Children work at different levels and this can of course change over time. We look at how the children are working in class in relation to their peers and how they perform in standardised tests, such as reading, spelling, maths and of course in SATs.

We also recognise that children have talents and abilities in other areas not linked to the school curriculum and where possible, we support them in this.

We encourage all teachers to provide opportunities for children to fulfil their potential, by providing challenging classroom environments in which children are enabled to become independent learners, critically aware of their progress and potential, through reflection on and review of individual learning targets.

What the children do with Mrs Hanigan

Each half term, there is a different theme to the projects that the children complete with Mrs Hanigan. These different themes aim to broaden and challenge the children's learning in some way. Consequentially, many of the themes covered, are not found on the primary curriculum, but have all been carefully selected and planned to ensure that the children have an enhanced experience in their learning.

Together with the projects and themes covered, the children are also taught about different ways to focus their learning and understanding. This includes learning about De Bono's 'Thinking Hats'; Bloom's Taxonomy; the T.A.S.C. Wheel; the How Hand and Tony Busan's 'Mind Mapping'. 

So what are Cluster Events?

Each school year, we invite our friends from Ingol Community and Holy Family to come and join us to take part in a fun-filled morning of activities. Over the years, these have included making and firing water rockets; writing a newspaper; being detectives; tangram puzzles and lots, lots more.


We have an activity that is just for the juniors (usually in the Autumn term), one for the infants (usually in the Spring term) and then in the Summer term, we come together to challenge ourselves in the Inter-Ingol Quiz!


These events give the children the chance to be challenged in some way, together with working with their peers from school and children from other local schools, who are a similar age. 


Take a look at some of the photographs from past events.


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