During the spring term our focus will be on encouraging children to have a go at blending sounds together so that they can begin reading and writing their own sentences. When children are writing we will be asking them to write all the sounds they can hear in the right order. This might mean words arn't always spelt correctly but will show children are confident to have a go and use exsisting phonics knowledge. As we move onto the phase 3 phonics children will be armed with a new bank of sounds which will make writing even easier. 

We will start the term with a traditional tale (The 3 little pigs) and will move onto poetry and instructions.

Children will be developing a range of skills. They will be acting out stories thinking about showing how characters feel. They will be performing to their peers and possibly other classes.

They will develop their speaking and listening skills. Some children will be having additional speaking and listening opportunities if required.

Another skill to be enhanced is the use of descriptive language, this will be covered through our poetry topics.

Please see our phonics page for further information.  

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