During the Autumn term we will spend a lot of time looking at different stories and poems. We will talk lots about the characters and settings.

The first thing the children will learn to write is their name. After this they will look at high frequency words during phonics lessons and will begin writing these independently. Please see our phonics page for more information on how we cover early reading/writing in school. 

Our first topic is dinosaurs so we will be reading a variety of dinosaur stories. 

Hopefully we will learn lots of new vocabulary through looking at different stories and we will be able to use this whilst we are playing. Lots of time will be spent on speaking and listening, making our own narratives up and following instructions. 

During the Spring term we will read, act out and attempt to start writing our own words. We will continue to read a wide variety of stories and information texts. With writing we will begin to look at capital letters and full stops.

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