During Autumn term the children will spend a lot of time counting carefully, making sure they say the number that matches the amount of objects. We will look at numbers to 10, their values, how to write them and how to read them. It is important children can count on and back from any number and they are aware of one more and one less.

We will also look at shape, space and measures, finding 2D shapes in the environment, making shape pictures and repeating patterns.

Through water play we will look at capacity, half, full, empty and which containers held the most. 

During the Spring, time will be needed on really securing our number skills. We will be counting on and back to 20 (and further if children are able to do so) writing our numbers to 20 and beginning to add 2 single digit numbers together. We will develop our understanding of 2D shapes, finding out about pentagons, hexagons and octagons. 

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