Our classroom is changed around regularly to keep the children interested and engaged with their learning. We have prepared the classroom for the new intake by providing resources the children told us at transition visits they liked to play with.

You may hear the children talk about different things they have played with because the room is split into several different areas, each area enhanced with different resources to encourage learning across all 17 early learning goals. This is reflected both indoors and outdoors.

Popular areas are always our built in home corner, sand and water areas and creative table.  Small world and construction areas allow for good communication and language development. We try to provide cosy areas for reading and ICT.

As our topics and interests change, so does the environment. We try to show off childrens work proudly and give them ownership over the room by sharing their ideas and suggestions.

Id like to hope this is a safe and nurturing place for the children to be, they settle quickly into their classroom and soon become independent finding the things they want and need.

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