Welcome to the Sunflower room

Between the ages of 3 and 4 years children progress into our Sunflower Room. Within the Sunflower room we operate a staffing ratio of one member of staff to every eight children, complimented by a team of highly experienced and qualified staff. The Sunflower room is divided into a quiet area, craft area with sand and water and an imaginative play area. The Sunflower Room also has the added benefit of offering children an ICT area with the use of an internet linked computer with software devised for their own age group. Within the Sunflower Room your children will be invited to participate in activities, which are designed to provide them with a structured platform to build upon when commencing school. The children are encouraged to participate within smaller groups as this will allow more focused and challenging activities on a day to day basis. Our long term curriculum planning ensures that all topics and themes will keep the children interested and stimulated. Our aim is to work very closely with the primary school attached to our nursery. This helps the children to form bonds with the reception teacher in order to make their transition to school easier.

We are confident that the Sunflower room provides the children with a warm and welcoming environment which is conducive to learning.

Finally, the children are prepared with the important skills of socialising and independence and are equipped for their final step before they commence school. Ultimately, we aim for all children who leave us to start school to have experienced a long and happy stay with us as well as them being developed to the fullest of their potential.

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