Bronze Curriculum


Reading, phonics and writing are all equally important for children! Here are some links to useful websites to allow you to support your children at home. 

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Active Learn

The children have access to a website we use in school called Active Learn. ( On this website the children have been given their own log in and password and have games and books allocated to them which they can play at home (on laptops, tablets and even some games consoles).

 Click on the icon to redirect to the login page.

If your child has forgotten their log in, please come and see me and I can give them their log in details again. 

The children can also access the online e-books we are reading in class to share with parents at home! Our school code is phcs.


Here are two of our 'Mix a pancake' poems read for you by Hope, Archie, Remi and Dwij. 



Below are some useful links for you and your child to access at home to support their learning. 

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Telling the time games



In Year 3 we need to learn our 4x and 8x tables as well as continuing to practise our 2x, 3x, 5x and 10x. The children have enjoyed playing this quick recall times table game and many have asked for a link on our class page too! You can also play this game on tablets. Below is also another link to a great website for the children to test their knowledge of all the times tables we have learnt so far. Click on the icons below to visit the websites. 

The children have really enjoyed learning though singing so here is a link to the 3x table song we have been listening to!

We have also started learning our 4x tables. Have a listen via the link below! 




Below are some links to some of the games we have been playing, or are going to play, in class to help us with our coding skills. Why don't you have a go at home!


We are also focusing on improving our typing skills. Below are some games we have been playing to help us improve our typing letter recognition and speed. 




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