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25 November 2022

Blog By Indy Altham

In English we are doing our complaint letter (to Mrs Cole). In Maths we are doing percentages. We have been learning how to find 1% of the given number. In Science we're doing evolution and inheritance and learnt how fossils are made. In Geography we're learning about D...

25 November 2022

Week 11 - Sincerely Yours

Top Five Moments of the week -  1. We have written about earthquakes.  2. We have learnt about the importance of exercise and how it helps our health.  3. We have been revising division methods.  4. We have written letters to Mrs Silver in role as Mr Hoppy from Esi...

25 November 2022

Lets all have a boogie

This week we have started our Nativity Boogie Woogie. If the children have a narator part they will bring their scripts home to practice. English this week we have looked at verbs  Maths we have started learning about fractions History we looked at the key events and peopl...

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