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17 May 2019

Amy's blog

Monday On Monday morning we did English , we were learning about Greek myths and we  was on a page called Pandora's box and the Greek myths were made for ancient Greeks to understand the how the world has bean made. In mathematics we were learning about 4-digit numbers and 1...

17 May 2019

Fun week with peace and quiet

This week in bronze class we have been quiet because SATs have been on in year 6 and we worked hard Maths In maths we learnt a new method dividing it is called the bus stop method. We worked hard because it's a hard method for year 3 like us. English We were looking at a book c...

17 May 2019


We have stopped as much commotion as possible in school for SATS.  This week we have been particularly quiet, as the year 6 children have been doing their SATs exams. We wished them all the luck in the world and we wanted to support them as best we could.  Short Division ...

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