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22 November 2019

Our Week of Poetry

Darcy has written our blog for this week. “This week we have been doing …. English We have been making our own poems and have been spotting personification, similes and metaphors. We also have been listening to other poems and used imagery to make an image on what the poems...

22 November 2019

A Week In Quotes

“On Monday I enjoyed our PSHCE lesson about secrets. I enjoyed reading the scenario cards we were given and discussing whether it was a secret we would keep or a secret that we should not agree to keep.” – Alice Dalmeida   “On Tuesday I enjoyed writing my recipe...

22 November 2019

Fruity Friday

Today we have been creating our own cocktails as part of our mathematics lesson on capacity. The children had to follow the recipe and accurately measure the ingredients in ml.  "1000ml = 1 litre" - Indy "I made a cocktail with lemonade, orange juice and apple juice.&...

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