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20 November 2020

Moonbeam Moments

Here are our top five Moonbeam Moments: 1. We had a brilliant P.E lesson on Monday where the class all listened carefully and had fun travelling in different ways. 2. We have been completing subtraction calculations in Mathematics this week. 3. We have explored Sam’s diary and all ...

20 November 2020

Week 10: Subtraction Superstars

Top Five Moments of the Week  1.We have been learning how to subtract two 2-digit numbers with a 100 square. 2. We have been planning our non-fiction text about orang-utans.  3. We have learnt about mammals and amphibians in Science.  4. We have played football with the...

20 November 2020

Our Top 5 Moments of this Week

As a class we have decided what our top 5 moments of this week have been. We have designed our pottery to make in class next Monday. We can’t wait! We learnt how to use the inverse operation in Mathematics to solve problems. We have recorded our Spooky Stories. In Computing w...

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