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11 June 2021

Welcome back!

We have had a wonderful first week back after half term and we are ready to have a wonderful last half term together in Moonbeam Class. Monday – We looked at different type of jobs and wrote about the type of job we would like in the future and why. Tuesday – We wrote a set of d...

11 June 2021

Week 1

Welcome back to our final half term in Year 3.  This week's top 5 moments are... 1) "We have been learning about Legends. We read the story 'George and the Dragon.'" - Damian 2) "We have been giving out kindness awards this week to anyone who is kind to th...

11 June 2021

Katie Morag's Adventures

Diary of a Rainbow Kid:  Monday - We read some stories about Katie-Morag and made predictions.  Tuesday - We did some additions in the sunshine.  Wednesday - We made some dramas about the Good Samaritan.  Thursday -  We wrote sentences about Katie-Morag. ...

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