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19 July 2019

I Wouldn't Change a Thing

And so it is the end of my time with Year 4 and the end of Year 4 being taught by me.  It is now the end and what a good time we have had. We would not change a thing.  Thank you.  Enjoy Year 5 and remember I am only down the corridor if you ever need a chat.  It h...

18 July 2019

The Times They Are a-Changin'

Well folks, this will be the final blog from me-Mrs Hanigan-as a teacher at Pool House. In 2003…a long time before all of our current children were born, and as many of my esteemed colleagues like to remind me, long before they themselves left school…I applied to a teaching job at P...

12 July 2019

Your Disco Needs You

This week we had a picnic that turned into a Silver Class Disco.  Five of the most exciting things about this week.  1. We made shelters out of clay.  2. We had a picnic and made our own sandwiches.  3. We joined up with other classes and had some water play. ...

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