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21 January 2022

What time is it Mr Wolf?

This week we have been working our socks off! I am so proud of everyone in Moonbeam Class and we have had an amazing week. In Mathematics we have learnt how to tell and show the time for the hour (o’clock) ad half past the hour using analogue clocks. We have used real clocks in our envir...

21 January 2022

Fossilisation Fun

This week we built on our learning from the past two weeks in Science and had a go at creating our own fossils using clay, shells, plaster and sand amongst other materials. We have left this to dry over the weekend and plan to excavate them early next week. We began our new topic of Harry Po...

21 January 2022

Rainbow Chocolatiers

Highlights of our week 1. We became chocolate taste testers and tried dark, milk, mind, white and sugar shelled chocolate.  2. We learnt how to make multiplication arrays.  3. We have practised dribbling and using space in PE.  4. We have experimented on everyday materi...

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