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Good morning everyone, I hope you are all well. Just to confirm that school is re-opening tomorrow morning. We are really looking forward to seeing you all again. In an effort to tighten up measures put in place in school, and in particular dropping off and picking up children, your support with the following would be very much appreciated. Parents are reminded to drop children off at the school gates and leave promptly to ensure social distancing is in place. While there is a ‘buffer zone’ inside the school gates this is not for parents to congregate in and must be left as clear as possible. We are asking that only one parent/adult drops off and collects children, much of the congestion is due to additional adults at the school gates and finally we would be grateful if masks could be worn by adults when dropping off and collecting children. We are mindful that the closure of school over the last two weeks has been unsettling and upsetting and hope that additional measures we are putting in place will prevent this happening again. Your support will be very much appreciated. Many thanks, stay safe. Mrs Cole

Message from Mrs Cole 


Good morning everyone, hope you are all well. I am sure you are all very disappointed to hear we have had to extend our closure for two days. The staff and I are again devastated that we have had to do this but find ourselves with no option. Unfortunately a second member of staff has tested positive for Covid-19. This was two days after the initial member of staff had a positive test. This second staff member was last in school on Friday 25th September. To follow Covid guidelines this has resulted in an additional two day isolation period which takes us to Friday of this week when we will reopen. In doing this the whole school will have isolated for the required 14 day period and we are hopeful that any further closures will be avoided. I fully understand your frustration with the current situation but as always the safety of your children is our priority. We really look forward to seeing you on Friday. Stay safe. Mrs Cole

Update from School 


Due to circumstances beyond our control, school will now reopen for all year groups on Friday 9th October at 9am. 

Nursery will open on Wednesday 7th as planned, parents should use the bottom carpark gate to gain entrance.

Thank you for you cooperation at this difficult time.


Good afternoon! 

Can I say a huge thank you on behalf of the Pool House Team to you all for keeping your children inside whilst we are self isolating. This is really important as symptoms can take 14 days to show, so staying in will prevent any further spread of the virus. We have had a few reports of others showing symptoms this week but as of yet not further positive cases which is great. It would be really disappointing if we couldn't reopen next week because of people not self isolating and further cases arising. 

**A polite reminder isolation includes not playing out and visiting friends/family**

Also can I also take this opportunity to say thank you to you all for getting on with the working webs on the website. As Mrs Coles letter stated a couple of weeks ago, these are not optional. The work on these webs must be completed so that teaching can maintain a flow and structure once we reopen. Children may fall behind and find returning to school more of a challenge if they don't attempt these tasks. Class teachers are monitoring closely the children who are completing the tasks and submitting work via email, and those who don't do them will have to catch up once we return to school. 

For now please don't worry about any of the optional homework grids, only focus on the working webs on the website. Additional work should it be requested can be found on the learning walls. 

Thank you all for your continued support. 

Stay safe... and stay inside! 

Mrs Parkinson


Covid Updates

Message from School




School Closure 

Good morning everyone, I am very sorry to inform you that unfortunately one of our teaching team has been tested positive for Covid-19.    We have no alternative but to close school as all staff and children will now have to isolate. School will re-open again on Wednesday 7th October at 9am. We are devastated that we are having to take this course of action but as always the staff and children’s safety is our priority.  Work webs for the children will be available on the school website from Monday morning and  please e-mail your child’s class teacher if you need any help or advice.  It would be very much appreciated if you could pass on this information to anyone who may not have seen it on our media pages. We look forward to seeing you all again soon, take care and stay safe, Mrs Cole


Back to School update 

Return to school reminder
A week today is your childs first day back.   Monday 7th September 2020.
Here are a few reminders for you all given our current guidelines. Please be patient with us whilst we settle the children back in. 
The most important things you need to know for now are as follows:  
* Children must be in clean uniform every day.
* No items from home will be allowed into school other than packed lunches in disposable packaging (paper if possible, plastic is fine), and a coat. All KS1 children are entitled to a free school meal though.
* Children must not bring book bags or ruck sacks. PE kits may be brought in but children won't need them for the first 2 weeks and they must be left in school for the whole term. 
* Parents must now wait outside the school gates. If you need the office please call or wait until all children are in school after 9:15. (This may be needed for dropping off medicines or making dinner payments)
* KS2 children start at 9am, staff will take children into school from the front yard. 
* KS1 children start at 9:15, staff will take children into school from the front yard. 
* KS1 children finish at 3:00pm, staff will escort children to the front yard and direct them to parents through the gate. 
* KS2 children finish at 3:15pm, staff will escort children to the front yard and will direct them to parents through the gate. (We are aware some of the Year 5 and year 6 children may walk home, this is fine.)
* There will be no breakfast club to begin with, we will update you if this changes.
* There will be no after school clubs to begin with.
* New reception intake start on Monday 14th September at 1:15pm.

Return to school letter




Breakfast Club


Just to let parents know for the first 2 weeks in September there will be no breakfast club. We will update you as soon as we can with regards to starting breakfast club up again.


Left over PE kits

Incase any of you are unsure here is a list of the PE kits we still have.
Evie G
Noah S

Last day update 

Good morning. 
A polite reminder that today is the last day to collect your childs PE kit from the school office. Any kits left at the end of today will have to be disposed of. 
Please also note today is our last day to hand out your childs school report, please call in to collect it if you haven't done so already. 
Thank you 
Mrs Parkinson


End of term update 

Morning everyone, hope you’re all safe and well? This is the last week of school officially so one or two things to let you know about. The last lot of food vouchers are available this week, between 10am and 2pm every day. Also your child’s report is ready for collection between the same times every day. Any reports not collected will be handed out in September. Information about returning to school in September is included in your child’s report and will also be posted later in the week. Lastly there are a number of PE kits still in school for collection, unfortunately these will have to be disposed of if not collected this week. Take care, Mrs Cole


Weekly Work Webs

Below you will find the weekly work web for each class. These can also be found on each classes individual web page. Please feel free to contact your child's teacher if you need any help. Thank you 

Sunshine Lockdown Work

Moonbeam Class - Work Webs

Rainbow Class Lockdown

Bronze Class Work Webs

Silver Lock Down Work

Diamond Class Work Webs

Gold Class Work Webs

Latest update from School

Hello everyone, I hope you are all still safe and well and coping with the prolonged lockdown. I cannot thank you enough for the support you have given school during this time and the positive comments and feedback have been very much appreciated. I know that a large number of you have taken advantage of the websites, learning platforms and teacher activities which we have provided. Mr Mearns has been monitoring the Active Learn and we are really pleased with the work the children are doing.  From next week all of the class teachers will be putting ‘Work Webs’ onto the school website for the children to access, there will be a number of activities for the children to choose from and we would like them to do one of these every day. A new ‘Work Web’ will be posted each week. At the same time please encourage your child to still access Active Learn, BBC Bitesize and Twinkl. If you need any help please do not hesitate to contact us. As always stay safe and well and hopefully we will see some if not all of you very soon, take care, Mrs Cole.


Letter to Parents of Year  R 1 and 6




Fun Run Challenge




Latest update 18th May 


Hi everyone, hope you are all safe and well. Just to let you know the next batch of food vouchers are available for collection on Friday 22nd between 11am and 2pm. 
In terms of re-opening no decisions have been made as yet, I will keep you updated on this when I am able to. Stay safe. Mrs Cole





Afternoon everyone hope you’re all well and staying safe.
The Edenred food vouchers have now arrived in school. These are for children in receipt of pupil premium and are therefore entitled to free school meals. (Families who collected food bags during the first two weeks).Vouchers must be collected from school by a parent of the child in receipt of the voucher. Vouchers will not be given to anyone other than the child’s parent. You cannot collect vouchers on behalf of another family. Vouchers can be collected from school between 11am and 2pm on either Tuesday 12th or Friday 15th May. Mrs Cole

Latest Update


Hope everyone is safe and well and coping with the current situation as best you can.
School will be opening on Monday, for Key Worker children only. If you are a key worker and require childcare please contact us via Facebook or my email - with details of days and times you need. Please do not turn up at school with your child without prior arrangement as the school needs to be staffed adequately for pupil numbers.

To those of you who should and will be receiving food vouchers I can only apologise for the delay, there have been problems issuing these which is out of our hands. I have been informed that they are being re-issued. We will contact you as soon as they are available.
Take care everyone, looking forward to seeing you all, hopefully sooner rather than later! Mrs Cole





Dear Parents           


During what is an extremely difficult time for us all we are writing to give you as much information as we can about the current situation.


As you are aware the government have made the decision to close schools in an effort to manage the Coronavirus pandemic. The exception to this could be for children with an Educational Healthcare Plan and for children whose parents are ‘key workers’.


As a result of this school will be closing until further notice at 3.15pm tomorrow, Friday 20th March 2020.


I appreciate this may be a challenging time for you and unsettling for the children but we will do our best to support you throughout the time of closure. We will keep in contact with you as much as possible and when there is information to share with you, we will do so through the school Facebook page and also through the school website.


We will not be sending home curriculum work for the children to complete during their time at home but you will find attached a list of websites which the children can access to support their learning and also a list of ‘fun’ activities which will also support their learning.


If you anticipate any difficulties with childcare because you are a ‘keyworker’, please do not hesitate to contact us before we close tomorrow.


We wish you all the very best of health.


Kind regards


Rev H Bloomfield                                Julie Cole

Chair of Governing Body                   Headteacher



Corona Virus Update Letters


Activity ideas


Useful websites


Twinkl (Lots of free educational resources for all areas of learning. Use code CVDTWINKLHELPS for premium access for free)


BBC Bitesize


Active Learn (For Key Stage Two only – all children have a log in which are used in school. If you have any trouble logging in, please email


Timestables (Practise your times tables quick recall)


ICT games (A collection of Maths and English games)


Cbeebies Radio (Listening activities for children)


Scratch (Online computer programming/coding)


TED ed (Stories and video based learning)


Oxford Owl (Reading resources for all ages)


Phonics Play (Online games to help with all phases of phonics. Free access to subscription service using Username: march20  Password: home)


Hit the Button (Times tables, number bond and division facts game)


Topmarks (English and Mathematics interactive games)


Teaching Ideas (Different ideas for activities at home covering all curriculum subjects)


Teacher’s Pet (Home learning resource packs available to download for free)


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