Welcome to Diamond Class!

Diamond class 2019

Mrs Keating

Class Teacher

Mr M Herd

Teaching Assistant

Mr S Price

Teaching Assistant

Mrs D Bradley

Welcome to Year 5. My name is Mr Keating and I shall be teaching children in year 5 this year. Throughout the year in Diamond class we will be supported by Mr Herd, Mrs D Bradley and Mr Price. 


It is really important that everyone in Diamond class has the right equipment for school, such as book bags every single day and full PE kits ready in school. Your book bag also needs have the correct equipment inside it - such as spelling record books each Monday. In PE your child will wear a t-shirt that matches their school team colour for PE, which the school has kindly provided for all children. Please make sure that all PE equipment is clearly labelled with your child's name.


Finally, a quick reminder that school begins at 9.00am prompt so your child should be in school before then otherwise they are missing valuable learning time. If you have any queries, concerns or questions that you would like to ask then do not hesitate in coming to speak to me before or after school.

Diamond class daily timetable


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