Mr Mearns

Mr M Herd

Mr S Price

Teaching Assistant


A very warm welcome to year 6. My name is Mr Mearns and I will be the class teacher for Gold class this year. This is my 19th year teaching at Pool House Primary school. For my first 10 years working in school I had the pleasure of teaching in Gold class, where I find my self again. I am joined this year my Mr Herd and Mr Price. 


It is really important that everyone in Gold class has the right equipment for school each day. This includes: full PE kits, spelling record books, reading books and any additional homework that your child has been given.  In PE your child will wear a t-shirt that matches their school team colour for PE. Please make sure that all PE equipment is clearly labelled with your child's name so it does not get lost and have to be replaced.


As you will be aware, your child will be sitting their SATS in the Summer Term. Our job is to prepare your child for these tests so that they can complete them to the very best of their ability. If you (or your child) have any questions or concerns about the SATS then please speak to one of the year 6 team and we will be happy to help.


Finally, it is extremely important that you remember that school begins at 9.00am prompt. Your child needs to be here in time for the register each morning or they are missing valuable learning time in this crucial year. If your child is absent from school then you must ring the office and provide a valid reason why. Again though, if your child is absent from school, they are missing valuable learning time!


Gold Timetable


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