Welcome to Moonbeam Class

Mrs Keating

Class teacher

Mrs Carney

Teaching Assistant

I am Mrs Keating and I am the class teacher for Moonbeam class. Our teaching assistant is Mrs C Bradley

Please make sure that PE kits are in school at all times as things can sometimes change at the last minute.

Book bags also need to be brought to school each day and we will change reading books as often as possible. Reading their books at home dramatically helps to improve children’s reading. We are doing lots of phonics work in school and the children are getting very good at chopping up words they don’t know so they can sound them out.

Now that the children are in year 1 I will be sending some spellings home for them to learn. I will begin with just a few words and will send them home on a Friday to be learnt for the following Friday. In the spelling book there is space for the children to write each word 3 times to help with learning it. The 3 attempts will work best if they are done on 3 different days. Please don’t worry as no pressure will be placed on the children to get all the words correct.

Similarly to the Big Talk the children did last year they will be doing Big Write this year. We will now start to merge the two together with a view to writing more in year 1. I will send home homework for you to discuss with your child just like last year ready for our Big Write lesson on a Friday. It really helps your child if you have talked about this with them as they then have lots of ideas for the lesson. The children will also get a homework web where they can choose a different piece of homework to do each week along with their Big Write homework.

Please keep checking back here to see what we have been up to.

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