Sunshine Class Homework

Homework is an important way of reinforcing what we have covered in school. It is also a great way of developing thinking and understanding outside of a classroom setting. It is important that all children attempt their homework each week. Children will be rewarded for their efforts and praised for having a go.

  • Homework will be sent home each Friday to be completed by the following Friday. If for any reason you are unable to complete homework please speak to myself or a key worker, or alternatively jot a note in the book.  Otherwise it will be done in school on a Friday afternoon.
  • All homework should be completed by your child. No matter how untidy or illegible you think it is, this is part of their journey to becoming fabulous mark makers. (They may copy underneath your writing or pictures if they need to.)
  • Homework must be done in pencil, on the correct page under that weeks instructions. Please do not use felt tips or biros. Thank you.
  • Creative homework can be as imaginative as you like. Each half term there will be one piece of creative homework linked to our topic in class.

I look forward to seeing your child's fabulous work!


Sunshine Homework

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