It's been another very busy week for Mrs Hanigan's groups. We made our home-made magnetic compasses this week (and one day, very soon, Mrs Hanigan will get the hang of modern technology and will up load the photos!) We followed our designs carefully and then tested their accuracy against the shop-bought compass...the good news was that most of the compasses were pretty accurate. Some children had to re-magnatise their pins and needles by stroking them twenty times with a magnet. We will test their accuracy properly next week, with a trail up the Himalayas...or was it just around school? I forget!

In other news, ten of our friends from Ingol Community joined twenty of our children from the Infant and EYFS groups (Sunshine, Moonbeam and Rainbow) on Wednesday morning for some 'Rhyme Time' fun. The chidlren worked incredibly hard, they found their rhyme buddies, enjoyed a story with some great rhymes in, learnt some great new WOW words and even wrote their own story...all of this in just two hours! We even managed to squeeze in a cup of juice and a biscuit whilst we listened to the story. Watch this space-or the website at least-for the story to appear on the website. You have some very talented authors and illustrators there.


The 'Stars of the Week' who received certificates this week, were:

  • Jake (Year 5) 
  • Emily J (Year 2)
  • Alan (Year 1)
  • Lexi D (Year 4)

'Well done' to all of them and all of the amazing children and the 'helpers' who received certificates for their work in the Rhyme Time activity: 

  • From Sunshine Class: Kyle, Dylan, Ellie and Neveah
  • From Moonbeam Class: Darcy, Alan, Alicja, Nicole W, Brooke, Reegan and Kayleigh
  • From Rainbow Class: Emily J, Emma, Layla, Max, Zoha, Finlay, Tegan and Jamaar
  • A huge 'Thank You', to the junior helpers: Ruby, Keelie, Ella, Gabriel, Wojciech and Oliwier- you were all amazing :)