See you soon!

We have made the most of this week and we have made the best of the situation we are in. I have added to the gallery the pictures we have taken over the past couple of days, enjoying our time as a class, the best way we know how! Lots of dancing, games, party food and fun has been had in Moonbeam…

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Week 25: Goodbye for Now

It has been a very different week at Pool House CP School. 

Thank you for all your support and understanding at this uncertain time. 

In line with the Government's decision, school will be closing today at 3.15pm until further notice. 

Remember to keep washing your hands as much as…

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Week 24: What a Relief!

Rainbow Week

Monday - We learnt more about the significant nurse, Mary Seacole. 

Tuesday - It was Parents Evening across school and lots of children got a good report.

Wednesday - We learnt all about the life cycle of a plant. 

Thursday - We created leaver mechanisms in Art and Design…

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Spectacular sports

This week in Moonbeam:


- In Mathematics we have been halving 2D shapes, as well as being able to halve numbers using concrete objects.

- Continuing with the non-fiction topic in English, we have been looking at recalling information from a non-fiction text. In addition to creating…

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SATs practice and bouncy castles in Gold class

Still going with the SAT’s practice.

In Gold class this week we have been working on our Maths and English. This is so we are as ready for SAT’s as we can be.

In English we have been working on our ‘Give Blood’ campaign. We looked at books, posters, websites and TV adverts to see which…

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What a good sport!

Today we have been getting sporty for Sport Relief. 

We have been given lots of challenges from Mrs Parkinson to complete today including:

- The Trainer Toss where Dylan was able to throw one of Mrs Parkinson's trainers the furthest. 

- Jog/run around school for 15 minutes with Mrs…

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Fun Week 3

Our top moments of this week have been: 

1. Looking at writing our own newspaper reports and in particular finding evidence in information and summarising this into our own words. We have felt like real journalists making notes for our reports!

2. We have persevered with learning the time in…

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Marching through March

Marching through March

Top ten things we’ve done this week... 1. Written shopping lists and visited Sunshine Shop to make our purchases.

2. Typed up special messages to our mums.

3. Learned about different coins, found the right coins to shop with and added 2 small amounts together.


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Week 23: Minions Mayhem


1. Monday was a busy day with English, Mathematics and History.

2. Tuesday we used our computing skills to explore chocolate.

3. Wednesday was the day we wrote our Willy Wonka chapters. 

4. Thursday was our amazing world book day all about the…

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A fun week including WBD 2020 in Gold class

Full steam ahead in Gold class.

In English this week we have been working on a fictional recount. We looked at Vampire bats and Mosquitos. These 2 creatures drink blood from humans to survive. We wrote a recount of our ‘fictional’ encounter of one of these.

This week’s Maths started with…

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Minion Madness

This week we have been enjoying World Book Day. We all dressed up as minions and looked amazing!!!

During the day we were interrupted by Gru (Mr Blackburn) and Dru (Mr Bamber) who decided to spray some of us (including Miss Pass) with H20! We all really enjoyed Miss Pass being sprayed with…

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Mischievous Minions

What a week! 


- Counting in multiples of 2 in Mathematics, as well as identifying odd and even numbers.

- New non-fiction topic in English, looking at "Why do elephants have big ears?"

- Planting cress in Science and learning all about what plants need to grow into a healthy…

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