Where has the time gone?

It genuinely feels like only two minutes since it was September and all of the children were arriving in school with very clean, well-fitting uniforms. Everyone's grown that bit taller (or the uniform has shrunk!) and we are crawling towards the Summer holidays, all ready for a long break.


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Bonjour de la classe arc-en-ciel (Hello from Rainbow class)

Our last full week in Rainbow class and what a busy week it has been!!


On Tuesday we celebrated French day in Rainbow class, looking at basic phrases in French, building Eiffel towers, tasting french food, colouring the french…

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Theme Park

This week in Bronze class we have been having fun because the year 5 and 6 are at Towerwood with Mr Blackburn, Mr Mearns and M`s Cole. 

While that has been happening Bronze class  have been making theme parks.

We  have watched a film called Ferdinand, it was funny. It is a film about a bull…

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What time is it? Awards time!

Friday 13th might be unlucky for some, but not us here in Silver class. We have had a fun filled week whilst the year 6's and some of year 5's have been at Tower Wood.

We have watched films, played games, has an activity day with KS1, a World Cup day with the whole School and ended with our…

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"We made some moving monsters." 

- Jack Jack Little Jack 

"On a piece of paper, we created a dream place to live."

- Laylaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

"We created comic style booklets about what happened with the alien."

- Logan "Cool Dude" Emmett

"We did multiplication and I did my six…

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Dinosaurs, Dinosaurs and More Dinosaurs!!

This week, in Moonbeam class, the children have been working really hard and independently (can you see what I did there?!) on their dinosaur project. They have done more addition work and played some competitive adding games, they did really well. In English, they have been practicing their…

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Our very own Matilda

We have had another fantastic week in Silver class and we have managed to fit so much in!

On Monday afternoon the children enjoyed an afternoon with their new teacher, Mr Mearns. 

“It was exciting” Jasmine

“I enjoyed playing two truths and a lie and moving around the class” Lanie-Mae

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Everybody sparkles!

Another wonderful week in Sunshine class. Our story this week was Rainbow fish. We have been working hard to be kind friends, just like Rainbow fish. We have told our friends why they are special and have shared and been kind all week. 

We have made our own beautiful fish and other under the…

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Independent learning on Independence Day!

Apologies right now, but there was no blog last week…the time seemed to slip away and I just never got around to it. This week, in Moonbeam class, the children have been working really hard and independently (can you see what I did there?!) on their dinosaur project. They have done more addition…

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A very Alien week

If there is something strange in your neighbourhood, who you gonna call? 

Something strange certainly hit Pool House this week. 




https://www.poolhouse.lancs.sch.uk/images/2000x780c/banners/pool-house-school-banner1%281%29.jpgLast night, Sunday 24th June 2018, a set of mysterious flashing lights could be seen over the skies of Ingol and…

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Feeling hot, hot, hot!

What a scorcher of a week we have had in Silver Class but that hasn't stopped our work being red hot!

A quick blog this week as we have such a busy afternoon ahead. 

This week we have had our final week on Iron Man in English, where we finally discovered what happened after much debate in…

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Punch and Judy

“In English this week we have been writing our own fact sheet. It was all about ourselves, home and school. We also drew a picture of ourselves.” Ada

“In we Mathematics we made potions using measuring jugs and we used; fairy water, dragon’s blood, unicorn tears and trolls bogey. It was fun but…

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