First half term...completed!

We have had a wonderful first half term in Moonbeam Class and we have loved every part of being together.

During our final week we have enjoyed:

  • Using a number line to add two numbers together.
  • Exploring similarities and differences between animals.
  • Placing toys from the past and…
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And Whoosh they were gone…

And Whoosh they were gone….

This week’s story was Room on the Broom and we have thoroughly enjoyed reading it, watching it and discussing our favourite parts. We have performed the story with musical instruments for each character.

We have enjoyed finding out all about pumpkins and have had…

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What been our best times this half-term?

  1. We have really enjoyed our Art topic looking at Van-Gogh. We have made a class image of ‘Starry Night’, sketched in 3D Van-Gogh’s famous chair and used to collage to recreate his ‘Iris’ painting.
  2. In our poetry topic we have learnt lots of different things and really enjoyed writing our own…
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A Productive Final Week

In English this week we concluded our Iron Man topic by writing our Interview Transcripts. In these we tried to change the formality between our characters by using formal and informal language, by carefully selecting appropriate punctuation and by switching between expanded and contracted form.…

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Mental Maths Madness

This week we have really focused on mental maths skills during our mathematics lessons. We have concentrated on ensuring that we are able to answer addition and subtraction questions mentally and not just rely on column addition and subtraction. We have been learning how to use counting up and…

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What time is it?!

Here are our top 5 moments of a very busy and quick week! 

"We have been learning about tsunamis in Geography. A tsunami is a giant wave." - Oliver

"In Science we have been testing which things were reflective." - Sapphire

"In PE we have been doing gymnastics. We got the apparatus out and…

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Matchstalk Men

We have completed our Lowry portraits and these are now being proudly displayed outside the Year 6 classroom. Instead of drawing further portraits we studied Lowry’s Matchstalk Men and Matchstalk Cats and Dogs and then created our own sculpture based on his work.


In Science, we built upon…

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Dem Bones Dem Bones…

Dem Bones Dem Bones…

What a funny week it has been in Sunshine class finding out all about our bones and why we have them.

We have loved reading and watching the Funny Bone stories, finding the repeating vocabulary in the book and talking about our favourite parts of the stories. We have…

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Autumn Days

Our favourite parts of the week:

1.  Singing lots of autumn songs in the hall with Sunshine and Rainbow class.

2. Enjoying an autumn walk in the School grounds where we collected leaves, acorns, spinning jennies and sticks. We also looked at pumpkins and also conkers with and without shells.…

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A delightful week

We have had a delightful week in Moonbeam Class and the children are putting in 100% into everything they do.

We have moved onto a new fiction text in English called ‘AAARRRGGGHHH, Spider!’ we have made predictions about what the family would do at the end of the story with a house full of…

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Time, Time, Time

This week we have had a really focus on learning the time. The children have been looking at how to fluently tell the time using both analogue and digital clocks as well as converting between the two. All of the children have worked extremely hard on this and have impressed both me and Mrs Miller…

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Classification…with a twist

This week began with Monday afternoon of Science where we began to learn about Classification diagrams. We learnt what these were (one or two of us remembered from Year 4!) and then had a go at creating our own classification diagrams – firstly with fake ‘flanimal’ creatures and then with…

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