Mean, Median, Mode, Range

This week in English we have been planning, editing and writing our own Jabberwocky inspired narratives. Once we had planned these, we typed them up on the laptop. We had to choose whichever genre we wanted the narratives to be too.


In Mathematics we have been learning about the Mode,…

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Dazzling Diamonds

In Diamond Class this week, we have been learning lots of new and exciting things.


In Mathematics, we have been learning how to translate shapes.

In reading skills we have been reading the Ice Monster by David Walliams and making our own comprehensions in English based on our text…

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Weekly round up

This week in Silver class we have been busy bees once again! Here are just some of the things we have been learning about. 

1) In Mathematics we have been learning about translation using a grid and reflections using a mirror. 

2) In History we are learning more about crime and punishment,…

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Week 19 - Word Is Out

Top Five Moments of the Week -

1. We have presented our autobiographies. 

2. We have been learning about volume and capacity. 

3. We have learnt about the stages of growth in humans. 

4. We wrote a diary in character as a Roman. 

5. We had fun with pointillism in Art.

Star of the…

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Rainbow blog By Zara

This week we have been writing our own stories, we made them into a book. My story was called the 2 little pigs. 

On Tuesday I went to West View leisure centre to do a mini skills competition with Essie, Reis, Junior, Beau and Bonnie-Rae. My favourite one was the relay baton race, we had to run…

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By Moonbeam Class

Our blog by Moonbeam Class

“This week we have learnt about 3D shapes” – Luis A

“We have done repeating pattern prints in Art with Mrs Dorota” – Matilda W

“We compared London from 1666 to London now” – Helen

“i can make igh” – Mia

“y can make igh” – Emily O

“y can make ee” –…

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Week 18 - Say Something

Top five moments of the week -

1. In English we typed up our autobiographies using powerpoint. 

2. We learnt about the Celt soldier Boudicca. 

3. In Mathematics we learnt short division method. 

4. In Art with Mrs Miller we created pointillism work. 

5. In PE we dribbled a ball and…

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It’s Friday

Wow Friday has come round again quickly. 

This week in Rainbow class we have continued with our twisted tales topic in English. Looking at and discussing different settings. They described their own characters using adjectives.

We have been learning about capacity in Maths, the children did…

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Let There Be Light

In Mathematics this week we have revised the long division method.


In English we have started learning about ‘The Jabberwocky.’ It’s a nonsense poem written by Lewis Carroll. We began performing the poem in group with intonation and expression and talking about what we thought the nonsense…

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Week 17 – Some Kind of Bliss

Week 17 – Some Kind of Bliss

Top five moments of the week

1. We have learnt more about the Lone Wolf and autobiographies.
2. In Mathematics, we have used column method for addition and subtraction.
3. We have used imprinting in Art in the style of pointillism.
4. Science was all about…

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Chinese New Year in Sunshine Class

162,084 Chinese New Year Stock Photos, Pictures & Royalty ...

Chinese New Year in Sunshine Class

This week we have been learning all about the Chinese New Year celebrations .We have made our own Dragon masks, Chinese New Year cards, done some Chinese New Year Yoga and even learnt a Dragon dance. On Thursday we had a Chinese Banquet, we found out all…

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Our top moments of the week!

This week we have been learning lots of new things. Here are our top 5 moments of the week. 

1) "In History we have been learning about Roman crime and punishment." - Kyra

2) "In Dance we have been learning a Chinese New Year dance." - Niamh

3) "We have been learning about negative…

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