A very busy, but sunny week.


On Monday we had assembly and then did our spellings until it was time for SPAG. At 10:30 we went swimming until lunch time. After lunch we had Mrs Johnson and we did history and then we did star box and then it was home time.



On Tuesday we   did singing with Mrs.…

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Sunny, yesterday my life was filled with rain. It has been a lovely week in Bronze Class, we have even been on a trip in the sun.

This week we have been to Lancaster Museum to learn more about the Romans. 

Situated in the heart of this historic cultural city of Lancaster in an elegant…

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What a wonderful, sunny week we have had!!

This week in Rainbow class we have been very busy. 

"We have been learning about Katie Morag in geography." - Lily-May

"We have been learning about road safety and where cars are allowed to park." - Kayden

"We made posters to tell the…

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The animals went in two by two

This week has flown by as they say time flies when your having fun. We have read the story of Noah's ark and had a week drawing and painting our favourite animals. These are fantastic and on displaying in the hall. We have written riddles about our animals which give clues to describe…

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Sun and Sums...

We got right back into the swing of things this week, with the year six children who come out with me. We have worked on fractions, decimals and percentages in mathematics, including looking at equivalence and word-based, multiple-stage problem solving. They have also completed work on adding,…

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Summer term 1

Welcome back hope you all had a lovely Easter break.

In English this week the children have been learning about poems on the theme of growing up. The children have described how they have changed over time and they then wrote a short poem about growing up. 

"When I was one, I learn to crawl.…

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Nous saluons le retour

This week has been all go, go, go!

We are straight back into the swing of things in Silver Class and we have all worked trumendously hard. 

In Mathematics, we started off by looking at partitioning when multiplying two numbers and using our knowledge of our times tables to help us.  We have…

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Diamond class, summer term week 1


On Monday we went swimming when we got back it was lunch in the afternoon it was Mrs Johnson and we learnt about Joseph William Turner with boats and ships. Then it was home time.


On Tuesday we did maths and in maths we did polygons from written instructions. Then it was…

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4 weeks and counting......

This week we have had our final SATs practice before the week itself. We completed, SPAG, Mathematics and Reading tests. These tests were carried out exactly as they will be on the week to give us an understanding of the adults in our room and what time of day our tests may be. Mr Blackburn shared…

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Ottoline and the Nosey Class.

Busy, busy, busy and another busy. 

That is the one word to describe what we have been up to in Bronze Class this week. 

We have been completing Mathematics tests and Mr Bamber is very pleased with the results. 

People who got 10/10 are, Nicole Smith, Atlanta-Georgia, Max, Finlay (also…

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An Island Home

Welcome to summer term!!

What a fantastic week we have had in Rainbow class.

We have worked very hard this week in maths, revising what we have learnt so far in year 2. We have also been learning about using the inverse to find missing numbers as well as revising multiplication and…

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Spring into the new term

On Monday we started our week by having a spring walk, we talked about what we could see and what we could hear. 

Brodey 'We saw three squirrels'

Harrison 'I can here the birds singing' 

The children started making Spring pictures using different textures such as grass, sand, paint,…

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