Autumn Adventures

We have had a lovely week in Moonbeam Class this week and here’s 5 reasons why!

- We went on an Autumn Walk around the School grounds and then wrote a recount about our adventures, which the children worked very hard on and produces some wonderful pieces of writing.

- We have ordered mixed…

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Our Week

This week our blog has been written by Emily Jones, our Deputy Head Girl, who has volunteered to write some of our blogs. Have a read of Emily's first blog of the year, below:



On Monday, we learnt about percentages and formal and…

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What a Week!

Our top 5 moments this week have been:

  • Making pottery with Mrs Miller – we cannot wait to paint these next Monday and see the finished product that we have created.
  • Starting our gymnastics topic in PE and beginning to look at different types of rolls we could add into a sequence.
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Week 11: Orang-utan Adoption

Top Five Moments from this week! 

1.We have done loads of learning about money! We have recognised coins, added coins together, found different combinations of coins that total the same amount and solved word problems. 

2. In Science, we have been learning about the characteristics of birds,…

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Moonbeam Moments

Here are our top five Moonbeam Moments:

1. We had a brilliant P.E lesson on Monday where the class all listened carefully and had fun travelling in different ways.

2. We have been completing subtraction calculations in Mathematics this week.

3. We have explored Sam’s diary and all the…

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Week 10: Subtraction Superstars

Top Five Moments of the Week 

1.We have been learning how to subtract two 2-digit numbers with a 100 square.

2. We have been planning our non-fiction text about orang-utans. 

3. We have learnt about mammals and amphibians in Science. 

4. We have played football with the football coach,…

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Our Top 5 Moments of this Week

As a class we have decided what our top 5 moments of this week have been.

  1. We have designed our pottery to make in class next Monday. We can’t wait!
  2. We learnt how to use the inverse operation in Mathematics to solve problems.
  3. We have recorded our Spooky Stories.
  4. In Computing we have…
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Guest bloggers - Gabriella and Elle

This week our guest bloggers are Elle and Gabriella!


Hello everybody

Bronze class top 5 moments are:

1. In computing we went on scratch to learn how to program.

2. In PE we were doing different kinds of jumps in gymnastics.

3. In maths we have learnt how to add using column…

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Happy Diwali

Happy Diwali,

This week we have found out all about Diwali, and how Hindu people celebrate it. We have made a big Rangoli pattern, Diwali lamps and tried some Indian food too.

We have done some Diwali dancing and enjoyed some Diwali music.

Our story this week has been The Gingerbread Man.…

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Classifying Creatures

  1. In Science this week we created our own classifying diagrams/branching diagrams. We first created diagrams for a range of ‘Flanimals’ (nonsense creatures) before also classifying a range of well-known biscuits too. This task will set us up nicely for classifying a range of animals and plants in…
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  1. On Wednesday we remembered all those who have given their lives for us in various conflicts throughout the years. We created our own poems of remembrance and war and then read performed these to the class. We also created our own war themed silhouettes. Look out for these in our gallery…
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Happy Children in Need day!

Week 2 marks a very busy week with lots of special events and dates in the calendar. On Wednesday it was Remembrance Day and what we looked at what it means. The children were very respectful, asked lots of appropriate questions and carried out two minutes silence as a class. The children learnt…

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