A Lifetime to Repair

As the life bus arrived at Pool House, we learnt a lot about how to repair problems in our life. 

A very quick blog from Mr Bamber, after what has been one of the busiest weeks ever. 

Here are top five moments -

1. Rehearsals for Nanny Poppins: The Musical are going GREAT. 

2. We have…

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Pyjama Party!

Welcome back to our first week of our last term in year 2!

"Today the Book Bus came to school so we could buy some books." - Dylan

"We are wearing our pyjamas." - Aiesha

"We bought some books for our class like The Pug who wanted to be a unicorn." - Nevaeh

"For our class we some fairy…

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Bring it on!

Welcome back! We can’t believe it’s the last half term already. Time flies when you’re having fun.

This week we have had a special phonics week, practising lots of our sounds whilst doing lots of different activities.

Ines – I liked playing phonics twister.

Elle – My favourite was the…

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1st week back in Diamond class

Welcome back :-)


We have started to look at a new book about ultimate explorers. We have learnt about an explorer called Ed Stafford and Mary Kingsley who explored the rain forest. We have also learnt about Hiram Bingham who found the lost city of Machu…

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Kind Sunshiners

This week we thought it would be nice for you to hear from the children what they have been up to. 

Please watch our video.

Well done to Hope for being our star this week and Lucas and Ellie who got our merit certificates this week.


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Summer fun

The last two weeks have been none stop! We have done so many exciting things and I am so proud of how hard the children are working, leading up to their last half term in year 1.

Last week was the year 6 SATs and the children were so well behaved throughout School, being respectful to their…

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Science was a week long experiment about tooth decay. 

History was an exploration of the Indus Valley. 

A big happy birthday to Mr Bamber and Mrs Miller. 

Non-chronological reports about the Shang Dynasty. 

Gardening Club is the best thing ever! 


Digital and analogue clock…

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A tiring week!

This week Rainbow class have been doing their SATs!!!!!

The children were told that this was a practise SATs week as we did not want any worrying. After they had finished all tests I told the children the good news that I had tricked them and we were really doing the REAL tests! There was a lot…

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Creepy crawlies

The final week of this term has been full of bugs and minibeasts. The children have been finding out facts about the creepy crawlies they have found by looking at them through magnifying glasses and observing their movements. Most children have made clay representations of bugs and painted their…

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Amy's blog


On Monday morning we did English , we were learning about Greek myths and we  was on a page called Pandora's box and the Greek myths were made for ancient Greeks to understand the how the world has bean made. In mathematics we were learning about 4-digit numbers and 1- digit numbers by…

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Fun week with peace and quiet

This week in bronze class we have been quiet because SATs have been on in year 6 and we worked hard


In maths we learnt a new method dividing it is called the bus stop method.

We worked hard because it's a hard method for year 3 like us.


We were looking at a book called…

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We have stopped as much commotion as possible in school for SATS. 

This week we have been particularly quiet, as the year 6 children have been doing their SATs exams. We wished them all the luck in the world and we wanted to support them as best we could. 

Short Division 

We practiced…

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