Last week was a time bomb... travelling back to the Roman times. Take a look at our banquet,. 

Take a look at our new galleries. We have pictures from the Roman Banquet and from our circuit making Science. 

Star of the Week - Finlay Lewis

Merit Certificates are awarded to Logan and…

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The end of another half term already?!!!

This week in Rainbow class we have been revising what we have already learnt so far this year.

In maths the children have recapped the four operations – addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. We have revised the written methods that we have learnt in year 2 and applied these…

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Remember, remember...to improve your visual memory!

Tuesday afternoon involved a trip to the library with year 6. It was good to see all the children, sitting enthralled by the story that was read to them. They also learnt about the Dewey system of cataloguing the books in the library and had a go at shelving one of the books themselves…they found…

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This week we continued to read War Horse and consider poetry that has similar links. We were given the task to compare and contrast the life of the horses before the war and their life during the war. To help us compose our own poetry we analysed the work of Lucy Gertrude Moberley and considered…

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What time is it Mr. Wolf?

We have had a wonderful week in Moonbeam Class. Our Mathematics lessons have been all about telling the time. We have looked at o’clock and half past so far, on analogue clocks. The children have all picked it up so quickly and I am so proud of them all for working so hard. I definitely think the…

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Red Blooded

Roman Week in Silver Class. 


Roman week started. We started the week learning about the Roman Gods, we learnt their names and their reason for being a god or goddess. We then named our groups after a chosen god or goddess. 

These are the table names -

Jupiter - the King of the…

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Our guest blogger this week is.... Ellie Bradbury!

This week in rainbow class we have been very busy. 

The star of the week is Emily. Our merit certificate winners are Eliza and me (Ellie) well done.

In maths we have been doing Division  some with reminders in. On Friday we have been making chocolate in English we have been learning about…

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Snow is falling...

This week the children have been working with money in Mathematics and they have worked really hard to recognise different coins and their value and make different amounts. In English we have been exploring Little Red Riding hood and after our amazing work on Wednesday, we went out into the snow…

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This week we have considered the different adaptations that animals have made over time in order to survive in their extreme conditions.


This task was split into different tasks for us to complete by Mr Blackburn

  • Consider the adaptation of a polar bear
  • Research the adaptation of…
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I Believe In You

In PSHE we have been thinking about self confidence and believing in ourselves. 

In History we have been learning about the Romans. We have written a letter from the perspective of a Roman soldier.

In Mathematics, we have been learning about long multiplication. 

In English, we have…

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Fact or Fiction

What a week we have had in sunshine class. In English we have continued with our topic, Polar Regions and we couldn’t have asked for more suitable weather conditions to inspire the children. This week have learnt about the differences between fiction and non fiction books which I’m sure you will…

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The teacher formally known as...

A group of children from year 6 have been looking at the difference between formal and informal writing. We discussed how we can recognise the different style of writing and speech and when each would be most appropriate. We then looked at Gangsta Granny and highlighted the different levels of…

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