Week 18: Delicious Division

What a wonderful week of working hard on division...


This Week

1.We have learnt all about division and even worked out divisions with fractions - our steps to success are below. 

2. Mrs Cole came into our class on Tuesday and taught us a lovely PE lesson, where we learnt about safe…

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Where would you like to live?

This week in English we have been researching a country we would like to live in because next week we will be writing our own non-chronological report about this country. 

"I would like to live in France because I want to go up the Eiffel Tower." - Indy

"The capital city of China is…

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How are you?

How are you today? Are you having a good day? What are you doing over the weekend? This week we have been looking at how we can look after others and their well being. So we have decided to be more thoughtful for others feelings by asking them how they are and by talking more to one another.

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Fantastic Fractions

This week the children have been focusing on learning how to find fractions of different numbers using their knowledge of multiplication, division and fractions. (Let’s see if they have remembered – ask your child the two steps to finding a fraction of a number!)

In English the children have…

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Investigating Ice

With the colder frosty mornings this week, it has been the perfect opportunity to investigate ice. The children loved exploring the ice on Monday morning, feeling it, writing in it, warming it up, seeing how it was different in different places around the outdoor environment.

Each group have…

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The Black Death

This week a major focus of our leaning was about The Black Death and more specifically, the effects that The Black Death had on England at the time. We discussed many different ideas and read through various sources. Below are the ideas that interested us the most and we have come to a decision on…

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Once upon a time...

Another amazing week in Moonbeam and we couldn’t be prouder of how well all of the children are doing…they are simply marvellous!


We have thoroughly enjoyed our fairy tale topic in English this week, exploring characters’ feelings, sequencing stories and sharing opinions. It has been…

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Week 17: Cracking 2-digit numbers

1. We have been reading Maximus and the Beanstalk.

2. We have been using our place value knowledge to add two 2-digit numbers. 

3. Miss Hazeldine has joined our class to teach some interesting lessons. 

4. Miss Hargreaves taught us more about Monet and we did finger painting. 

5. We…

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What a sweet week!

This week in Bronze class we have been learning about different places to live in our English topic of 'Where would you like to live?' 

"We made brigadeiros which are little chocolate treats from Brazil." - Charley

"In Brazil, because it is so hot, they finish school at 11am and go home for…

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Delving into the world of The Spiderwick Chronicles

The children started off the week brilliantly with amazing results in their spelling tests and enthusiasm in all of their lessons.

The children have been focusing on Crime and Punishment more this week and that is something that they seem to have really engaged in and are enjoying a lot, which…

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Listening skills

This week we have had a challenging week with lots of children not really listening and following our instructions to the best of their abilities. Some of the Sunshine grown-ups have been disappointed with having to repeat instructions and constantly reminding the children that carpet time is…

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Welcome to 2020


1. This week we began our new English topic about the Museum of Fun. We shall be investigating each room in the museum, before writing a review of the museum as an assessed piece of writing. We shall later be creating our own adverts for the museum too. 

2. In…

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