We're back!

This week has been a great week in Silver class we have been continuing and finishing off a lot of the subjects and topics we had begun before half term. 

The children have enjoyed:

. Learning how to use data and statistics, in particular to create bar charts. 

. Beginning to read a…

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Comic Relief

Another amazing week in silver class has sadly come to an end. This week Emily and Jehanna have written our class blog.

Red nose week


English- word detctive’s learning about adding prefixes.

  • I thought it was really fun- Jehanna
  • I liked looking through the dictionary for new…
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Blog - By Emily and Ellie

This week we have been learning about:

  • We’ve painted our pottery this week.
  • It was really good (Jamie)
  • It was hard but a bit fun(Alara)
  • It was fun but a bit difficult too (Ela)
  • I liked it , it was really fun (Charley)
  • It was super fun (Joey)


In Maths this week we have…

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What a Week!

Our top 5 moments this week have been:

  • Making pottery with Mrs Miller – we cannot wait to paint these next Monday and see the finished product that we have created.
  • Starting our gymnastics topic in PE and beginning to look at different types of rolls we could add into a sequence.
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Our Top 5 Moments of this Week

As a class we have decided what our top 5 moments of this week have been.

  1. We have designed our pottery to make in class next Monday. We can’t wait!
  2. We learnt how to use the inverse operation in Mathematics to solve problems.
  3. We have recorded our Spooky Stories.
  4. In Computing we have…
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We're Back!

What an amazing first week back to school. The children have come back with a fantastic attitude and a desire to learn which is fantastic to see.

In English we have started our new topic looking at spooky stories. We have particularly focused on the way in which we read a story can be make it…

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A Brilliant First Half Term

It has been fantastic getting to know the children in Silver Class this half term and they have thoroughly impressed us with their determination and eagerness to learn.

This week the children have continued working hard – writing their own stories and mastering column addition and subtraction.…

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What a week!

We have had another fantastic week in Silver Class – we have been extremely busy each day and the children have amazed us with their resilience and determination to put 100% effort into all the work that they complete.

In English we began the week by completing our biography topic and the…

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Silver Class Superstars

Wow! What a fantastic first full week of learning we have had in Silver class. Everyone has shone and worked amazingly hard throughout the week... it made it extremely hard to pick people for certificates. 

This week we have begun reading our new book 'A huge first step' which is the biography…

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Fun Week 3

Our top moments of this week have been: 

1. Looking at writing our own newspaper reports and in particular finding evidence in information and summarising this into our own words. We have felt like real journalists making notes for our reports!

2. We have persevered with learning the time in…

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Minion Madness

This week we have been enjoying World Book Day. We all dressed up as minions and looked amazing!!!

During the day we were interrupted by Gru (Mr Blackburn) and Dru (Mr Bamber) who decided to spray some of us (including Miss Pass) with H20! We all really enjoyed Miss Pass being sprayed with…

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First Week Back

Our top 5 moments this week:

  1. In English we have looked at Newspaper Articles and we’ve had a go at re-writing a boring one to make it more interesting.
  2. In Mathematics we looked at place value and decimals we have really enjoyed looking at some column additions also.
  3. Geography was…
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