This week we have been very busy in Silver class. Here are our top 5 moments of the week. 

1) We have been writing our own spooky stories in groups, ready to record our podcasts next week!

2) We celebrated Children in Need and learnt all about how our money supports the charity. 

3) In Mathematics, we have been learning about measure. We had a competition to see who could hop, step and jump the furthest distance. 

4) In Science we made string telephones to help us learn about how sounds are made and how sound travels through different mediums.

5) Miss Hargreaves has been teaching us about the water cycle and how water is cleaned for us to drink. We made our own water filters. 


Our certificate winners this week are:

Star of the week - Noah

Merit Certificates - Dwij and Hope

Good friend - Ellie

Well done everyone!