Fruity Friday

Today we have been creating our own cocktails as part of our mathematics lesson on capacity.

The children had to follow the recipe and accurately measure the ingredients in ml. 

"1000ml = 1 litre" - Indy

"I made a cocktail with lemonade, orange juice and apple juice." - Emily

We also…

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Children in Need

Today we have been raising money for Children in Need. 

"Today we dressed in yellow or wore spots." - Cassidy

"We decorated biscuits like Pudsey."- Charley

"We had a design Pudsey's new hair competition." - Bobbi

The winner of this competition was Joey.


"In science we have been…

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The eruption

"This week in Bronze class we made a volcano (model) erupt." - Emily

"We discussed whether we would like to live near a volcano. I would like to because then I can take people to the volcano and make money as an attraction." - Nevaeh 

"We have been learning about the tectonic plates." -…

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Short but sweet!

Welcome back to our second half term of the year. Its been a short week in school but we have certainly packed a lot of learning in. 

"We made chocolate apples with Mrs Bradley." - Ellie

"We have started reading a new book in English called 'Storm'." - Alara

"We have been pretending to be…

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Ending the week on a (bouncing) high!

This week in Bronze class we have been having very busy!!

“In computing, Mrs Bradley has been teaching us how to programme using Scratch.” – Alara

“In Music, Mrs Bennett has been teaching us how to play hot cross buns on the recorder.” – Ela

“This week we have been learning about poetry…

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So what really did happen to Tutankhamun?

This week we have concluded our English unit on 'Was Tutankhamun killed?'

We have been building our evidence on our evidence board and finally deciding what we happened to King Tut. 

"I think he had a broken leg and it might have been infected which killed him." - Alara

"I think he might…

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Where's my mummy?

This week we have been learning all about Ancient Egypt and continuing to try and work out how Tutankhamun died. Many of the class have been part of our ACS (Ancient Crime Squad) helping us to investigate and collect key evidence.

In history we have been mummifying each other (with toilet…

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Promotion to Juniors!

Welcome to our first Bronze class blog! 

Our first week in Juniors and we have survived! The children have really impressed me this week with how grown up they have been. Everyone has settled very well - well done!

We began our week by getting used to our new classroom, playing some games…

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We're going to the zoo, zoo, zoo

Today we have had a fantastic day at the zoo. The weather was glorious and we managed to see almost all the animals! I have to comment on how well behaved Rainbow class were – it made me very proud!

Below are some of the pictures from our trip today – curtesy of Mr Price, our camera man!

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We all scream for ice-cream!

This week in rainbow class we have been getting very creative! 

"On Tuesday we went to Ingol library. We have all borrowed a book for school. I borrowed a Petal Parade book." - Ellie

"At Ingol library we did some activities and designed our own dream library. Richard also read us a story." -…

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Pyjama Party!

Welcome back to our first week of our last term in year 2!

"Today the Book Bus came to school so we could buy some books." - Dylan

"We are wearing our pyjamas." - Aiesha

"We bought some books for our class like The Pug who wanted to be a unicorn." - Nevaeh

"For our class we some fairy…

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A tiring week!

This week Rainbow class have been doing their SATs!!!!!

The children were told that this was a practise SATs week as we did not want any worrying. After they had finished all tests I told the children the good news that I had tricked them and we were really doing the REAL tests! There was a lot…

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