Lunch in the community

We have had another really busy week in Bronze class. 

In English this week we have been continuing our Poetry topic and have learnt about a new style of poetry called alliteration. 

In Mathematics we have been writing our own subtraction word problems.

In PE we have been improving our…

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Alan and Nicole C write the blog!

This week we have been working really hard in English and Maths.


In English we have been learning about onomatopoeia.

We have been doing poems with Onomatopoeia in it its really fun.

Onomatopoeia is a sound that makes the noise of it.


In Maths we have been doing subtract and…

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Poppies Poppies and more Poppies.

Well we have been really busy in Bronze class this week.

In English we have been carrying on with our Who Killed Tutankhamen topic. We have been working hard to bring together all the evidence we have found out over the last few weeks to begin writing our final report which will decide whether…

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Sharing our Talents

This week in Bronze class we have had another busy week.

We have still being trying to work out who Killed Tutankhamen in English with Mr Herd.

In mathematics we have been learning about Place Value.

In History we have been working in groups to find out information about ancient…

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Busy, Busy, Busy in Bronze Class

This week in Bronze class we have been very busy.

 This week in English we have become detectives we are trying to solve the mystery of Who Killed Tutankhamen.

In maths this week we have been filling in number squares and multiplication squares and been practising our number bonds to 10…

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Back to business

After a lovely week with Mr Herd last week we are now back to business this week with Miss Ellison back with us. What a wonderful start to Bronze class we have had. 

The children have received many compliments from other adults in school about their super behaviour in and around school - keep…

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Theme Park

This week in Bronze class we have been having fun because the year 5 and 6 are at Towerwood with Mr Blackburn, Mr Mearns and M`s Cole. 

While that has been happening Bronze class  have been making theme parks.

We  have watched a film called Ferdinand, it was funny. It is a film about a bull…

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Shocking Styles

A new half term has begun. The final half term as Year 3 children, in seven weeks we will be Year 4. We have a lot of work to get through first. 

In English we are exploring our new topic, Shocking Styles, and learning more about fashion through history. We are learning about the features of…

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A week in the life

Ottoline and the Yellow Cat. 

What a fantastic week we have had in English. We have continued learning about Ottoline and her mystery novel. We have written extracts from her notebook and made some fantastic postcards. 

Mixed Up Mathematics

Mathematics this week has been lots of different…

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Ottoline and the Nosey Class.

Busy, busy, busy and another busy. 

That is the one word to describe what we have been up to in Bronze Class this week. 

We have been completing Mathematics tests and Mr Bamber is very pleased with the results. 

People who got 10/10 are, Nicole Smith, Atlanta-Georgia, Max, Finlay (also…

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Hot Cross Buns, Hot Cross Buns!

Hot cross buns,
Hot cross buns,
One a penny,
Two a penny,
Hot cross buns.

If you have no daughters,
If you have no sons, 
One a penny,
Two a penny,
Hot cross buns.

If your sons don't like them,
They're the only ones,
One a penny,
Two a penny,
Hot cross buns.

I don't tell jokes

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Pool House Talent Contest 2018

What a night! 

Tuesday night was the home of Pool House Talent Contest, where 12 fantastic acts performed for the judges and audience. Mr Bamber was presenting and the judges were Mr Blackburn, Mr Mearns and Mrs Cole. 

It was a fantastic evening which raised lots of money for School…

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