We have had a fantastic week and we have started rehearsing our Nativity in the hall; with Sunshine and Rainbow classes and we have worked so hard with singing our songs, learning our lines and dancing in front of others.

We have learnt about the Nativity and the birth of Jesus in our R.E lesson where we have looked at the Christian bible story.

We have also learnt ‘ir’ and ‘e’ to make ‘ee’ in our Phonics lessons, as well as lots of tricky words.

In Geography we have explored characteristics of the four countries in the United Kingdom and the children could recall famous landmarks, match the correct flags, identified capital cities and traditional foods.

In Mathematics we have explored the meaning of capacity and volume as well as measuring volumes independently. We have loved having the water tray inside and exploring different containers and their capacities.


Certificate winners

Star of the Week – Nelly

Merit Certificate – Jason and Leo

Good Friend Award – Emilia