Short and sweet

A short and sweet week this week.

This week we have pretended to be aliens and wrote about our adventures on the moon. We have made our own pictograms in Maths and talked about how we can look after the special people in our lives too. We’ve thought about questions we would have liked to ask…

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Man on the Moon

Welcome back! What a fun first week we have had in Moonbeam Class.

This week we have started our new English topic with the story, ‘Man on the Moon’. We have learnt all about Bob and made lots of predictions of what we think he does on the moon and why he works there. We have also packed our…

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Easter cheer

We have had a wonderfully busy and fun couple of weeks in Moonbeam class, so much so, we forgot to blog last week!


Leading up to the end of term, we have explored rhyming words and sentences as well as performing rhyming poems, looked at our two times table, multiplications and fractions.…

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Spring clean

This week we have been very busy with lots of different events and lots of learning in class.


In English we have finally found out why elephants have big ears!


“They have big ears to cool down when it’s hot. They flap them and the blood cools down and goes around the body.” –…

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Weather, seeds and big ears

We started off our week by developing our gymnastics skills in P.E and moved in the way of different animals. We recapped doubling of numbers in Maths and discussed why we have rules and why they are important.


“We have rules in School so we don’t hurt ourselves in School.  If we run in…

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Our dalmatians love pancakes!

We have had an action packed week in Moonbeam Class this week. This week we have had Pancake Day and World Book day, as well as all of our other lessons. 

On Monday we looked at different types of weather in different countries, whilst learning about the World map and the equator. The children…

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Why do elephants big ears?

Our first week back and it feels as though we’ve never been away!


This week we have started our Ebook “All About Elephants” and we are trying to find out why elephants have such big ears.


“I think they need big ears to make wind.”

- Ines.


“I think they have big ears so…

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Celebrating good times

This week we have celebrated learning to tell the time for o’clock and half past. The children have surpassed my expectations with learning to tell the time and I am super proud of them.


We have also celebrated the festival of Vaisakhi in our final lesson on Sikhism for this term, in R.E.…

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What time is it Mr. Wolf?

We have had a wonderful week in Moonbeam Class. Our Mathematics lessons have been all about telling the time. We have looked at o’clock and half past so far, on analogue clocks. The children have all picked it up so quickly and I am so proud of them all for working so hard. I definitely think the…

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Snow is falling...

This week the children have been working with money in Mathematics and they have worked really hard to recognise different coins and their value and make different amounts. In English we have been exploring Little Red Riding hood and after our amazing work on Wednesday, we went out into the snow…

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Yummy, yummy, yummy

Another fun filled and busy week, in Moonbeam class. This week we have enjoyed Science looking at weather again, predicting what it will be like and what a great week of weather we have had for this. In English we have been working hard on our fairy tale topic, exploring different stories,…

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Once upon a time...

The end of week 2 already! This week we have completed lots of different challenges and activities and have worked hard in all subjects.


In English we have looked at new tales, making new questions from the point of view of the characters, performing the stories and retelling the stories.…

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