Moonbeam Moments

Here are our Moonbeam moments of the week:

  1. “We have been learning about our bodies and senses in Science” – Lorelle
  2. “In PSHCE we have been learning how to look after a baby.” – Lana
  3. “We have been practising our number bonds to 10 and doubles on hit the button” – Lillie
  4. “In Mathematics…
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Moonbeam moments of the week

Here are our Moonbeam moments of the week:

  1. “We have been dividing in Mathematics” – Bobby
  2. “We have been doing lots of phonics” – Oliver
  3. “We did our phonics screening and we got a class certificate.” – Autumn
  4. “We have been reading 'Dougle’s Deep Sea Diary' in English” – Lucie
  5. “In…
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The sun has got his hat on!

Week 4

We’ve had a wonderful week enjoying the sunshine this week.

Here are just some of the things we have been learning about:

  1. In Mathematics we have been practising our directional skills including moving forwards, backwards, left and right. We have also been learning about…
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Blast off to the moon!

We have had yet another amazing week in Moonbeam Class this week.

Here are some of the things we have been doing this week -

1) We have been reading real and nonsense words in Phonics.

2) In Science we have been learning about different materials and sorting them into groups

3) In…

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Moonbeams Magnificent Music Performance

Image of Moonbeams Magnificent Music Performance

This week the Moonbeam Class took part in ‘World Music Day’. The era that we had been given was 2010-2020 and they chose the Sea Shanty song Wellerman by Nathan Evans and Happy by Pharrell Williams. I introduced them to some Indian music which they enjoyed and wanted to dance to during the…

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Moonbeam Class - Spring Term 2.

Image of Moonbeam Class - Spring Term 2.

In Moonbeam Class this week....

Some children received certificates in assembly and some for spellings.

In English we have finished our Report Writing, ready for 'Easter learning' next week.

In Mathematics we have been learning to tell the time to the hour and half hour.

In Science we…

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Moonbeam Class - Spring Term 2

Image of Moonbeam Class - Spring Term 2

This week in the Moonbeam Class.....

In English we have been learning Poetry.

In Maths we have been learning Addition and Subtraction using Part, Part, Whole.

In Science  we have been learning about plants and flowers. We all planted seeds and flowers.

In Geography we are learning…

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Christmas countdown

Image of Christmas countdown

Our penultimate week of Autumn Term 2 has been one to remember!

We have performed our ‘Boogie Woogie Nativity’ to our families and friends and all of the children did a marvellous job. We are very proud of them all.

Also this week we have enjoyed singing Christmas songs and starting our…

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A boogie woogie week

We have had a fantastic week and we have started rehearsing our Nativity in the hall; with Sunshine and Rainbow classes and we have worked so hard with singing our songs, learning our lines and dancing in front of others.

We have learnt about the Nativity and the birth of Jesus in our R.E…

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Short but sweet

Image of Short but sweet

We have had a short but sweet week with only three days in School.

- We have recapped the sounds ‘ar’ and ‘ear’ in Phonics.

- We created mud pie poems.

- We learnt about counting on in multiples of five in Mathematics.

- We discussed and celebrated our own and others strengths.


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The Big Green Dragon!

On Monday morning we had a surprise in our classroom! The Big Green Dragon had visited our classroom on Sunday night, leaving a letter and a lot of mess in our classroom. We cleaned it up, read the letter and then looked for clues on how he got in. On Tuesday we wrote letters to the Dragon and…

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Top five moments of the week

Our top five moment of the week:

  1. We foraged for some materials to paint with in our Art lesson with Mrs Dorota.
  2. We explored and compared the structure of animals in Science.
  3. In Mathematics we have looked at 2D shapes.
  4. We have made inferences about a picture in our Reading Skills…
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