Santa's little helpers

We have been getting into the Christmas spirit this week. We have enjoyed our new role-play of an elf workshop, writing letters to Father Christmas and designing our own toys.


Thank you so much to everyone for coming to the Christmas fair, it was lovely to see so many of you there. Our…

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A week full of lightbulb moments

I am proud as punch of Moonbeam Class this week. I can’t believe how fantastic and grown up they have been with their learning this week.


We have looked at ordering random numbers from smallest to largest and then largest to smallest, as well as using greater and less than signs to…

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Kings and Queens of the road

This week we have had our Safer Travel Week in Key Stage 1, where all the children have completed their road safety tasks and learnt how to cross the road safely. In our class, we worked really hard to learn how we can cross safely with an adult and that we always need to hold onto an adult, cross…

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Autumn walks

We have some new toys! Thanks to the generous sponsor money, we have been able to buy some new toys and resources for our classroom. We haven’t spent all of our money yet but what we have so far is fantastic and the children have really enjoyed being able to play with them on Friday afternoon. So…

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Here are a few of our favourite things

This week we have asked some of the children what their favourite thing has been about this week.


“Our first day back in to School.” – Ellie-Mae


“Writing numbers in words.” - Lillie


“Being star of the week.” – Sapphire


“Dinner time and wearing our new bands.” –…

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Dance-a-thon extravaganza

Today has been our Dance-a-thon! We have been dancing non-stop for 1 hour, 20 minutes and 39 seconds. I am so impressed with how well they all did and their enthusiasm was wonderful. I think we will all sleepy well tonight! Just a reminder that the sponsor money must be handed in to Miss Wilson on…

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Autumn Days

We have been focusing on our number bonds to 10 and adding two numbers together. This can be quite tricky at first but the children have been amazing and worked really hard at mastering different techniques for their working out. Also this week, have been writing descriptive ingredients for mud…

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Knocking my socks off!

The children have knocked my socks off this week with all of their amazing and independent work.


We have been working hard on our independent writing in English, describing feelings of characters and making predictions.

 In Maths we have created repeating patterns with 2D shapes and…

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There's been a Dragon in our classroom...

The children came into School on Tuesday morning and found there had been a visitor overnight and they knew straight away who it was; The Big Green Dragon! He’s the main character from the story ‘Who’s our New Teacher?’ in English and he came to see us all. He left us a letter and a mess on the…

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What a wonderful week

In our lessons this week:

- We have explored amphibians, reptiles, mammals, fish and birds.

- We have drawn self-portraits, which were amazing!

- In Mathematics, we have identified one more than a given number, practicing counting backwards from 20 and representing numbers using objects…

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What do we know about animals?

We have had another wonderful week in Moonbeam Class!


This week we have started our more formal lessons, such as English, Maths and Science.


In English we have been reading ‘Class To went to the Zoo’ and the children have loved joining in with the retelling the story in groups and…

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Welcome to Moonbeam!

WOW! What an amazing first week we have all had in Moonbeam Class. I am so happy to be back and see the children and they have really impressed me this week with how grown up, well behaved and wonderful they all are.


We have spent our week settling into our new routines and classroom and…

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