Our focus in Mathematics this week has been 3D shapes.

We have:
- Made 3D shape models

- Learnt about their properties including vertices, edges and faces

- Incorporated our knowledge of 2D shapes to describe the shape faces on a 3D shape

- Found everyday objects in the environment that are 3D shapes

- Played 3D bingo

- Named each 3D shape independently


Also this week:
- We have sequenced the events from ‘Man on the Moon’

- Written a character description about Bob

- Learnt how to roll in different ways in P.E

- Manipulated malleable materials in Art with Mrs Dorota

- Discussed what actions are unkind and how we can change it into an act of kindness


Certificate Winners

Star of the Week – Aaron

Good Friend Award – Sarah

Merit Certificates – Junior and Nourah

AFC Fylde Football Award – Bonnie-Rae