Week 3

Where is this final half term going?! I can't believe we are already finishing our third week! 

Top 5 Bronze Class moments this week are:

1) "We have been designing our own sandwiches in DT. Mine has tuna and cheese on it. We are going to make them next week" - Maddison

2) "We have been…

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Superstar Scientists

Monday – We concentrated on our athletics skills in P.E

Tuesday – We looked at comparing humans by working in pairs and looking at our similarities and differences.

Wednesday – We learnt about and compared two Great Explorers – Amelia Earhart and Neil Armstrong.

Thursday – We designed…

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Ahoy There.

It has been a busy week in Rainbow, we have been revising subtraction, finishing our topic on the seaside and making father's day cards. 


On Friday, we had our Key Stage 1 Pirate Day.


Merit - Hope

Merit - Isaac

Star of the Week - Connor 

Friend Award - Kyra 


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Its all a bit fishy…

This week we have been diving under the sea to see what lurks beneath.

We have been collaging fish, octopus, seahorses and jellyfish using a variety of different textures and resources.

We have enjoyed a range of different stories – “Sharks Big Surprise” being one of Mrs Parkinson’s…

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A Week In Isolation

This week we were in isolation from Monday to Thursday but we still managed to achieve a lot!


  1. We continued learning about Algebra, which is what we had been learning about in Mathematics last week. We carried out a number of multi-step questions involving algebraic equations.


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Welcome back!

We have had a wonderful first week back after half term and we are ready to have a wonderful last half term together in Moonbeam Class.

Monday – We looked at different type of jobs and wrote about the type of job we would like in the future and why.

Tuesday – We wrote a set of directions…

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Week 1

Welcome back to our final half term in Year 3. 

This week's top 5 moments are...

1) "We have been learning about Legends. We read the story 'George and the Dragon.'" - Damian

2) "We have been giving out kindness awards this week to anyone who is kind to their friends." - Elle

3) "In…

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Katie Morag's Adventures

Diary of a Rainbow Kid: 

Monday - We read some stories about Katie-Morag and made predictions. 

Tuesday - We did some additions in the sunshine. 

Wednesday - We made some dramas about the Good Samaritan. 

Thursday -  We wrote sentences about Katie-Morag. 

Friday - We had  a really…

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The Grand Tour

This week we have been as busy as always. The children have come back into school with a brilliant attitude to their learning.


Our 5 top moments this week are:

  • Starting our new English topic ‘The Grand Tour’ where we are building up to writing a tour of our school. We have been…
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Rainbow Fish!

This week we have been reading the story of the Rainbow Fish. We have enjoyed learning about sea creatures, and talking about all the animals that live under the sea. We even managed to watch an episode of Octonauts every day just before we had our lunch to cool down from the Sunshine. This taught…

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Dreams, rhyming and addition

We have had a joyous last week here in Moonbeam Class!

Monday - We explored the similarities and differences between Bob and Dougal from our English topic.

Tuesday - We completed an addition carousel in Mathematics.

Wednesday - We played a rhyming game and wrote a rhyming poem.

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Poems Everywhere

This is our Highlights of the Week -

Monday - We read and learnt about a poem called At The Zoo. 

Tuesday - We had Music lessons with Mrs Bradley. 

Wednesday - We looked at Number Bonds to 20. 

Thursday - We designed our Dream House. 

Friday - We had fun in PE doing games and…

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