Roman Day

Yesterday in Bronze Class we had a Roman themed day to end our History topic this half term where we have been learning all about the Romans. 

Here are some of the things we enjoyed yesterday:

"I enjoyed eating all the food. My favourite food was everything, apart from the porridge!" -…

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This weeks top ten moments in Sunshine class

Our top ten moments this week have been:-

  • observing our caterpillars as cocoons
  • Playing football with AFC Fylde
  • Acting out the scarecrows wedding in groups with props
  • Writing sentences about the scarecrows wedding independently
  • Learning how to subtract
  • Looking at our interactive…
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What a Week!!

This week we have loved:

  • Learning properties of shapes - including acute and obtuse angles, lines of symmetry, reflections and parallel and perpendicular lines. 
  • Finishing reading The Iron Man - we are looking forward to writing our own fictional stories about a monster of our choice next…
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This week in our class -

Monday - We have learnt about rhyme and repetition in poems. 

Tuesday - We developed balance and coordination through yoga. 

Wednesday - In Religious Education, we did Hindu inspired dances. 

Thursday - We made pop up cards and played football. 

Friday - We…

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Fruity Fun!

This week we have continued to observe our caterpillars, we are amazed at how much they have grown. At the start of the week they were just 1cm long but now they are 4cm long. We have enjoyed finding out about their appearance and the purpose of the webbing in the pots too.

We have also been…

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Coins, Coins, Coins

What a busy week in Rainbow Chocolate Factory!

Monday Highlight - Recognising the value of coins. 

Tuesday Highlight - Working with partners in gymnastics. 

Wednesday Highlight - Planning our Willy Wonka diaries. 

Thursday Highlight - Diaries from the Chocolate Factory. 


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The End Of The Jabberwocky


On Monday, we started the day as normal with a spelling test. After break, we did some volume in Mathematics. In the afternoon, we did RE and learnt about the soul, then we did orienteering with Mr Blackburn



We started, the day with some handwriting practice and then…

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Caterpillars, Capacity and Concentration

What a brainy week we have had in Sunshine class this week. We have enjoyed looking at our caterpillars, asking questions about how they move and what they need to grow. We have measured their growth using a ruler and will carry on with this as they change into cocoons. We have enjoyed using the…

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Chocolate Stories

What have we been up to this week?

Tuesday - Spelling surprises, making a television show, working with partners in gymnastics and talking about bullying in PSHCE.

Wednesday - Planning our stories about Charlie, multiplying using arrays, handwriting skills and drawing a Hindu…

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A fun four days!


On Tuesday, we started the morning with an arithmetic. After break we did a little more Maths about the Inverse Operation and finished of the day with a PE lesson and also some history.



On Wednesday, we started the day with a game of Pointless Mathematics to revise…

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What time is it Mr. Wolf?

We are time crazy in Moonbeam class this week. We have learnt how to tell the time for the hour and half past the hour as well as draw the correct hands on the clock for given times. We are so impressed with how well the children have done with this as time can be quite tricky sometimes.


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Happy Friday everyone! 

This week our top 5 Bronze class moments are:

1) "In French we have been learning our body parts and singing Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes in French." - Aaron

If you want to watch our video of us singing this song, here is the link below!

2) "In…

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