Settling in to Sunshine Class

Settling into Sunshine Class
What a fantastic start to school life we have all had. All the boys and girls are settling in really well, becoming familiar with the school rules and routines. They are starting to form really secure relationships and friendships with one another.
We have explored…

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Week 2

Year 5 have worked hard this week in class and produced some lovely pieces of work. In art, we have created some beautiful pictures in the style of Alma Thomas. In English, we have been looking at animal migration and have made some excellent posters all about their travels. In Mathematics, we…

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Week 2

The Top Moments of Week 2


  1. Head Hunters. This week we created our own set of Head Hunters cards to find around the school grounds. Each of the sets had to be linked together but the theme of the cards was up to us.
  2. Andy Warhol. We looked at some of Andy Warhol’s repeated patterns that…
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Week 2 - Step Back In Time

We stepped back in time to Ancient Egypt...

1. We understand how Howard Carter felt entering Tutankhamun's tomb.

2. In Mathematics, we have been learning about place value of 3-digit numbers. 

3. We had Art with Mrs Bradley and looked at the work of Roy Lichtenstein. 

4. Miss Leah came…

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Back to school

We have had a fantastic first week in Rainbow class.

The children have settled back into school really well.


This week we have been looking at the story of ‘The Tiger who came to tea’

The children went on the laptops to research some facts about Tigers and then they wrote some…

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Welcome Back

Welcome to our first blog in Year 5 this year, we hope you have all had a super summer. What an amazing first week we have had. The children have settled in really well and are getting used to the daily routines of Year 5. We are so proud of them all.

In English, we have been looking at a new…

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Welcome back!

What a wonderful first week in Silver class. The children have been fantastic and settled into the expectations of being in Year 4 so well. We've had a fun week, and even though we knew each other very well already, we have played some games and activities to find out even more about our…

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Welcome Back!

Welcome Back!

A massive welcome back after the six-week holidays! I hope you have had a fantastic summer and that you are ready for your final year of Pool House.


This has been a week of getting used to the new routines and expectations of year 6. We decided upon presentation standards…

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Week 1 - Into the Blue

Being in a new class and Key Stage is like walking into the blue...

Top 5 moments of the week -

1. We have learnt about Ancient Egypt, including hieroglyphics, mummification and the River Nile. 

2. We have ordered and compared 3-digit numbers and been learning our 3 times tables.

3. We…

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It's Showtime!

This week was ‘show week’ in school.


On Tuesday (as Year 6 visited their new schools on Monday) we practised the KS2 Production: The Jungle Groove for the final time. Then, on Wednesday afternoon we performed for the first time in front of a live audience when we showcased our production…

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Fun in Five!

In Year 5 this week, we have had an amazing week because we watched the Summer Production – Jungle Groove. This was so much fun and we enjoyed singing along. We then all had a treat and watched The Jungle Book film.

In English, we have created stories to read to Year 2, next week we will pitch…

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The Jungle Groove!

This week was performance week for some of the children in Bronze Class. We were so impressed with the school production of The Jungle Groove! All the children have worked so hard and put on an AMAZING performance


Our top 5 moments of the week in Bronze Class

1) In Mathematics we have…

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