It has been another busy week in school, especially for the children in year six. They have all been working really hard all week with their SATs preparations and a particularly big: “well done”, goes to Sky and Zana, who have done lots of comprehension and SPAG work with me this week. 


In other work, Lily-May (year 1) was a superstar this week, doing some fantastic blending. She even beat me in a visual memory game, so, well done to Lily.


I hope you enjoyed the challenges last week-did any of you manage to solve them? Here is a letter/word-based puzzle for you this week. Good luck!

Infant Challenge:


Write as many words as you can that start and end with the same letter.


Junior Challenge:


Try to make the longest word you can using these nine letters:

M   S   T   E   A   P   L   A   M