What a great day we've had today in school. Every class has had the opportunity to play instruments today.

Rainbow class tried really hard to keep the pulse of the music and to recognise which sounds were short and which were long. They also learnt a new song and Esther sung it beautifully by herself. Well done Esther. We also learnt about crotchets and minims. Children were able to draw the notes and create their own rhythmic patterns.

Sunshine class and Nursery practised singing familiar nursery rhymes and also started learning some harvest songs with actions. I'm really impressed that some children as young as 3 can play the instruments quietly and loudly and also stop when asked! Keep it up.

In singing assembly we started learning some songs for harvest. Children were chosen to play drums and tambourines at the front to keep the pulse. The accompaniment worked really well with our songs Zulu warrior and Tinga layo.

Bronze class had another productive lesson learning to play the recorder. We practised 2 melodies using the notes b,a and g. Mr P has promised to film us next week so let's keep practising hard. Tegan really impressed me with her musical knowledge and earnt a special headteacher's sticker from Mrs Cole.

In Diamond Class we continued finding out more facts about the baroque period. In the second part of the lesson we looked at a ukelele and talked about how it is played. Hopefully we are all going to have the opportunity to learnt ukelele over the next few weeks.

Another busy day in school! Choir also started today at lunch time with a great attendance of 21 children.