Just in the nick of time.

It’s been a very cold week this week, but that didn’t stop us from having fun.

The upper juniors enjoyed some football and skittles this week. Harrison as ever, leading the line in football, produced some fantastic individual skill to score the goal of the week. In skittles Gabriel was defence and attack all in one to help his team to take three victories in a row.

The lower juniors enjoyed football, skittle and basketball this week. Oliver and lee teamed up brilliantly to score two great team goals in football, while Harry came out on top in the basketball. The skittle game went down a storm thanks to some outstanding work from Oliver.

The infants got to grips with football and skittles also this week. Every week it’s a treat to watch these guys play sports. It doesn’t matter what game or what the weather they just love it.

The upper junior star of the week goes to Connor. He always puts in 100% effort every game. He always follows the rules and has become a fantastic team player.

The lower junior sports person of the week goes to Oliver. Oliver has started to really enjoy these games and does his very best to play by the rules even when others aren’t.

The infant sports person of the week goes to Alan. What can I say about this guy, what a star. He always does his best and always trys to get everyone involved in all the games. He follows the rules and just has fun.

Well its almost Christmas but we will still keep having fun.