Tuesday afternoon involved a trip to the library with year 6. It was good to see all the children, sitting enthralled by the story that was read to them. They also learnt about the Dewey system of cataloguing the books in the library and had a go at shelving one of the books themselves…they found out that it was not as easy as they had first thought!

A number of children worked on their visual memory on Wednesday. We talked about taking a ‘mental photograph’ to help us to remember things we have seen and also to rehearse them, saying out loud what we have seen, to help us to transfer the information from our short-term, to our long-term memory.

A group of year 6 children worked hard on Wednesday afternoon. We looked at different sentence types and then the subjunctive form of the verb. We even realised that Beyoncé used this in her song: ‘If I were a Boy’! We thought about a recent visit to the Imperial War Museum in Manchester and how we could write a letter to them, including the subjunctive form of verbs. What would your ideas be?

For the challenge this week, we will have a Spot the Difference puzzle, these are very good at helping us with visual acuity in reading, spotting when things look different. Have a go at finding the seven differences between the two pictures, taken from: http://www.spotthedifference.com/



Have a fun and safe half term break. Enjoy!