Well folks, this will be the final blog from me-Mrs Hanigan-as a teacher at Pool House. In 2003…a long time before all of our current children were born, and as many of my esteemed colleagues like to remind me, long before they themselves left school…I applied to a teaching job at Pool House Nursery, for eight hours a week.

My youngest child had just begun nursery for two afternoons a week and it seemed like a good time to get back into teaching after a ‘break’ having children! I worked in the nursery for just over a year, before getting a job setting up their ‘able, gifted and talented’ work within school. I won’t go through the nitty-gritty of the next fourteen and a half years, but what I would like to say, is that it really has been an absolute honour and a privilege to work with the staff and children at Pool House.

I have been so lucky to work with some amazingly dedicated and talented teachers and teaching assistants over that time…I won’t start naming names; it will embarrass them, and they, and you, know who they are. Most of all, I have truly loved working with all of the children who I have been so fortunate to have worked with in the sixteen years that my life has been tied up with Pool House.

Now, my youngest child is off to university and so I am going off for a new adventure and challenge, with a different school, together with continuing my dyslexia work. It goes without saying, that Pool House will always have a huge place in my heart.

Thank you…over and out x