During your childs time in Year 1 they will learn many new skills including, reading, writing and speaking and listening.

Speaking and Listening

In Year 1, some focuses may include: Listening and responding to adults and other children. Asking questions to extend their understanding and learning new vocabulary related to topics or daily life.

Reading Skills

In year 1, some focuses include learning the 40+ main speech sounds in English and the letters that represent them. To blend sounds together to form words. To read aloud when reading books that contain familiar letter sound patterns and listen to, and talk about a range of stories, poems and non-fiction texts. Children will learn about popular fairy tales and folk stories, and retell the stories. Join in with repeated phrases in familiar books and make predictions about what might happen next in a book. Explain clearly what has happened in a book they’ve read or listened to.

Writing Skills

Hold a pencil in the correct and comfortable way and name the letters of the alphabet in order. Write lower-case letters starting and ending in the right place. Write capital letters, and the digits 0 to 9. Children will be expected to spell simple words containing the main sounds they’ve learnt in reading. Spell the days of the week, months and the year and numbers to 20. Children will learn to write words with common endings, such as –ed, –ing, –er and –est. In class they will plan out sentences aloud before writing them. They will write simple sentences, and those using joining words such as ‘and’. Begin to use full stops and capital letters for sentences. Combine some sentences to make short descriptions or stories.

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