The daily routine in nursery is set up to be as flexible as possible to allow the children the maximum amount of time to free play and explore their interests and learning. Due to insurance constraints we are unable to admit children prior to 9.00am. Your child is required to place their picture on the self-registration board in the entrance area. Please try to encourage your child to do this independently. The room is set up with activities for the children to do straight away. As children arrive they are marked into the register by staff. Staff are available for you to share information about your children and ask any questions, Your first contact in nursery is your child’s key person, who will form a very good relationship with your child. Children have a free choice of the activities they wish to participate in during the session. Staff plan music, singing, stories and circle time for their key children throughout the week. We usually have a whole group story at the end of each session as this ensures all the children are together and calm as parents arrive.

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