National Dyslexia Awareness Week

2nd-8th October 2017


This week is National Dyslexia Awareness Week, today (4th October), we had an assembly for the whole school. We thought about what dyslexia was and how we can help ourselves with things we find tricky. You can find a copy of the online book that we had a little look at in this section of the website. It’s definitely worth a look, you never know, you might find out something new!


We looked at how complicated the English language is and how it is made up of lots of words from other languages. It makes it really interesting, but really TRICKY when we are trying to spell words.


Finally, we looked at a great ‘You Tube’ video, created by a twelve year old girl in Australia. She made the video about having dyslexia and about all of the amazing things she could be when she is older, with her dyslexia. You may be surprised to find out some of the famous faces that also have dyslexia, give it a go!


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