Our We are Reading 'Star Reading Challenge' came to a close on World Book Day this week. we had a few late entries from:

  • Sofia (Year 4)
  • Nicole (Year 3)
  • Niamh (EYFS)
  • Caroline (Year 3)
  • Emily (Year 2)
  • Alice (Year 3)

Well done and take a look at the latest photographs of people reading!

We Are Reading Niamh photos

The prizes for the competitions (bought with money, kindly donated by the school PTFA, with some extras from the lovely people at Waterstones) were awarded as follows:


1st Prize (£10 Book Token) - Adam

2nd Prize (Book) - Hannah

3rd Prize (Book) - Grace


1st Prize (£10 Book Token) - Etienne

2nd Prize (Book) - Emily D.

3rd Prize (Book) - Ellie B.


1st Prize (£10 Book Token) - Lexi U.

2nd Prize (Book) - Sofia

3rd Prize (Book) - Max P.


Some of the children had made a real effort with their entries, adding photos or writing about what books they had read. These were entered into a special prize draw. The winners were:


  • Niamh


  • Toby


  • Daisy

Well done all of you and remember...keep on reading!



Only one new entry to the We are Reading Challenge, this week. Well done to:

  • Lexi U. (Year 5)

Remember, there are only a few weeks left before we draw the winners for the competition. Half term is an ideal time to complete the different challenges.

Enjoy and keep on reading!



Well done to the following children who received their certificates this week, they have all completed their reading challenge.


  • Elle W. (Year 1)
  • Iyla Rose (Year 1)
  • Aiesha C (Year 2)
  • Dawood (Year 6)


Well done and keep on reading!



There are three new entries to the reading challenge prize draw.


Well done to:

  • Jessica P. (Year 5)
  • Daisy (Year 5)
  • Adam (EYFS)

They received their certificates in assembly this week. Well done and keep on reading!



We have two huge 'thank yous' to say this week, to the lovely people at Waterstones who have donated ten books as additional prizes to the ones we have bought. We also need to say a massive thank you to the wonderful people in the PTFA, who donated £45 towards the prizes for the reading challenge. Here is a photo of all the lovely books that will be awarded as prizes on World Book Day (7th March), when the challenge ends.

We Are Reading 22.1.19.

Three children (from the three groups, EYFS, KS1 and KS2), will be chosen at random from those who have completed their reading challenges and they will each receive:

First Prize: £10 Waterstones voucher - to buy a book of your choice!

Second and Third Prizes: One of the fabulous prize books

We will also be giving out prizes for those children who have worked really hard to think of an inventive place to read their book, sent in great photos of them reading and to other children who have just impressed us, until all of the book prizes have been awarded.


We have had one new entry this week, who received their certificate in assembly. Well done to Hanna (EYFS), who said she had made sure to put her coat on when she read 'The Shopping List' outside!


Well done and keep on reading! 



We have had two new children added to those who will be entered into the prize draw for the reading challenge.


  • Hope (EYFS)
  • Max (Year 4)

Well done and anyone else who is doing their reading challenges, keep going and get them into me as soon as you've completed it.


Reading Challenge 16.1.19.


Well done to those children who have handed in their reading challenges this week.

  • Lily-May (Year 3)
  • Lucy (Year 1)
  • Toby (Year 1)
  • Scarlett (Year 1)
  • Etienne (Year 1)
  • Joshua (Year 1)
  • Grace (EYFS) 

They will get their certificates on Tuesday in assembly and will be entered into the prize draw. Well done and good luck!

We Are Reading Jan 19

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