Welcome to our brand new blog page! We shall be updating this every Friday so that you can see what we have been learning about each week in Diamond Class. Please feel free to leave a comment if you wish.


Miss Roberts joined our Diamond Class team this week and has been teaching Mathematics all week. We learnt how to solve missing angle problems and tried to identify different types of lines - horizontal, vertical ,diagonal, parallel and perpendicular. We found this very tricky at first and were not too sure on Wednesday. By the end of the week we were experts! (or most of us were!)


Mr Blackburn taught us English this week. We were put into groups of four and tried creating our own advert for The Museum of Fun. These adverts included a number of the key features that had been discussed earlier in the week, such as, special offers, celebrity (or teacher!) endorsement, memorable images, catchy jingles and more. Mr Blackburn and the other teachers watched each group perform these adverts on Friday and we are hoping to put the videos of these performances on the website soon. Well done to Rose, Melissa, Oliwier and Niall who had the most persuasive advert and won a £2 prize each for their awesome advert!


We had lots of fun learning about what Plague Doctors had to do during the Black Death and we labelled diagrams for our classroom display. In Computing we looked at the works of Maurits Escher and created our own tessellations. On Thursday we had a few tears in the room as we cut onions to go into our curries. Mr Blackburn wasn't in school on Thursday (which was OBVIOUSLY sad news to everyone) but he enjoyed tasting the curries when he returned on Friday!