The Gold Standard

  1. In English this week, we planned and then wrote our diary entries from the perspective of a person in Pompeii. We used a range of topical vocabulary (amphitheatre, thermal baths, market traders) as well as a range of key Year 6 skills. The standard has been set very high already! We will be…
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The Head Team

This week we appointed our ‘Head Team’ in assembly on Friday.


I am delighted to say that the following children have now got the following roles within school:


Head Boy – Oscar Bradley

Head Girl – Alara Agic

Deputy Head Boy – Dylan Taylor

Deputy Head Girl – Ellie…

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Week 2

The Top Moments of Week 2


  1. Head Hunters. This week we created our own set of Head Hunters cards to find around the school grounds. Each of the sets had to be linked together but the theme of the cards was up to us.
  2. Andy Warhol. We looked at some of Andy Warhol’s repeated patterns that…
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Welcome Back!

Welcome Back!

A massive welcome back after the six-week holidays! I hope you have had a fantastic summer and that you are ready for your final year of Pool House.


This has been a week of getting used to the new routines and expectations of year 6. We decided upon presentation standards…

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It's Showtime!

This week was ‘show week’ in school.


On Tuesday (as Year 6 visited their new schools on Monday) we practised the KS2 Production: The Jungle Groove for the final time. Then, on Wednesday afternoon we performed for the first time in front of a live audience when we showcased our production…

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Enterprise Project

What a two weeks it has been! Over the last two weeks we have been running our Business Enterprise Tuck Shop. Last week, we prepared tuck and served it to KS1 and this week we did the same for the KS2 classes.

This is a project that we have been working on since we completed our SATs and all of…

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First Aid Training

This week (Thursday 16th June and Friday 17th June) we have had the opportunity to practise a range of basic First Aid skills. The children loved learning these crucial life skills, asked a range of interesting question and most importantly, had a go at as much practical work as they could.…

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SATs Week

This week has been SATs week and all of the children have done themselves proud. The staff at Pool House are incredibly proud of each of them and I’m sure you at home will be too.


Our week began on Monday with our SPAG Test and Spelling Test. Then on Tuesday in was a Reading paper in which…

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Scavenger Hunts

I have been really impressed with the effort, determination and perseverance that the children have put in and shown over the last few weeks (all year really!). Below is a quick summary of our learning this week:

  1. We carried out an Arithmetic Scavenger Hunt in Mathematics as part of our SATs…
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Top 5 from Week 2


  1. Awesome Revision in Mathematics and English – all the children are doing themselves proud! A massive well done!
  2. We learnt about the Human Life Cycle in Science, learning about the seven stages and about what happens in each of the stages. We then created a timeline displaying this…
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We're Back!

Welcome back!! It has been another busy week in Gold Class as we begin Summer Term. The highlights of our first week back are:

  1. We had a busy week in Mathematics as we prepare for our upcoming SATs, This week we have practising a range of arithmetic skills, including spotting the errors that…
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We began learning about Chernobyl in Geography. We watched a range of clips that gave us an insight into what happened at Chernobyl the day the reactor exploded. We then had to write a diary entry from the perspective of someone who was being evacuated from their home after the eruption. In the…

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