First Aid

We continued with our end of year ‘Theme Park Project’ this week. We needed to make sure that we had worked on our finance folder, park brochure, park map or model and our main presentation by the end of the Wednesday. Next week is our final week preparing our final presentation before we present…

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The Jabberwocky

This week we have begun our new English topic about The Jabberwocky. We read through this very famous nonsense poem and discussed what could be happening in each stanza as a group. We then labelled each of the nonsense words depending on what word class they were – verb, noun, adverb, adjective,…

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Sonny's blog

This week in gold class we have been learning about the Iron Man and we have been learning about what he eats. We have made a menu for him and we have also been revising for are SATS. We have been given a SATS revision book that we use at home.

It has also been Red Nose Day and we had to wear…

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Red nose day - Ruby Lewis

This week in Gold class...

In English, we've been having fun creating Iron Menu's for The Iron Man! The food has ranged from giant turbo jet wings, to electric steel train tracks! We were not at all tempted to take a bite out of the copper washing machines and old, rusty…

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The Puppies!!!!

Whilst we have been really busy preparing for SATs once again this week, the stand out event from the week has to be World Book Day. Our theme this year, was Dodie Smith’s 1956 book, ‘One Hundred and One Dalmatians’. Everyone in school was dressed as a dalmatian – everyone but Jasper, Horace and…

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This week we continued to read War Horse and consider poetry that has similar links. We were given the task to compare and contrast the life of the horses before the war and their life during the war. To help us compose our own poetry we analysed the work of Lucy Gertrude Moberley and considered…

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This week we have considered the different adaptations that animals have made over time in order to survive in their extreme conditions.


This task was split into different tasks for us to complete by Mr Blackburn

  • Consider the adaptation of a polar bear
  • Research the adaptation of…
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Jurassic World

This week has been a very Science focused week. We have had a go at being ‘Junior Palaeontologists’ using ‘Dig It Out’ kits. We also had the opportunity to look at, feel, smell and touch real fossils that Mrs Hanigan brought in for us. As well as these activities we created flow charts into how…

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Ella's Blog


On Monday, we did a Maths and English arithmetic test because we needed to make our brains remember everything we did before we broke up for half term.



On Tuesday, we did singing in the hall with Mr Bamber and then after that we did facts about war horse. In maths we…

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Lest We Forget

We experienced something new this week – a trip back in time at the Imperial War Museum in Manchester. This was a fantastic day that everyone enjoyed (including staff!) We had many compliments from members of the public and staff at the museum. Well done Gold Class! Look on our gallery page for…

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Back To Business

We’re back in business in Gold class – refreshed after an extra-long half term break! This week we began our new unit in English – poetry. In particular, poetry from World War 1 and World War 2. We started the unit by creating a ‘self-help’ poster that detailed the key poetic features included in…

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A 'Testing' Week

This week in year 6 we have continued our learning about Pompeii. This week, our task was to create a newspaper article that details the eruption of Mount Vesuvius and destruction of Pompeii. In the build up to typing out our own report we covered a few useful topics:

  • How to use eye witness…
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