Week 3 in Gold Class

Week commencing 18 September 2023


In Mathematics we revised adding and subtracting numbers with varying decimal places.

In English continued our Pompeii diary entry, focusing on the key grammatical and linguistic features of diary writing (use of adverbials of time, informal language,…

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Week 2 in Gold Class

Week commencing 11 September 2023


This week we afforded our Year 6 class the opportunity to address the school (Yr2 – Yr6) to put themselves forward for Head Roles this year. During the week, every pupil in Years 2 – 6, along with all member of staff, have voted. In this Friday’s assembly,…

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Week 1 in Gold class

Week commencing 04 September 2023


Welcome back to Gold Class! Our students are relaxed after a wonderful summer break and both Mr Blackburn and Mr Mears are raring to go.

In Mathematics we have set targets and recapped place values.

In English we have set our aims alongside revising…

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An Active Week

Image of An Active Week

In our final week before half term we have once again been very active and have made the most of the nice weather outside.


  1. We have been practising for Sports Day (first Tuesday back after half term!) with some of the other classes, practising: 100m sprint, hurdles, obstacle courses and…
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An Enterprising Week

Image of An Enterprising Week

This week was our first since completing our SATs last week. We began focusing on our Enterprise Project which is a project that hits multiple curriculum areas whist working towards a goal after SATs.


  1. We began by discussing our ideas for the Enterprise Project, deciding that we would…
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Image of SATS Week

This week we have been completing our SATs tests that we have been revising for the last couple of weeks and working towards throughout the academic year.


  1. On Tuesday we had the SPAG tests and the Spelling test. This tested our knowledge of words classes an punctuation.
  2. On Wednesday it…
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Another Busy Week

Image of Another Busy Week

This week in English we have carried on revising key skills. We have revised placing key pieces of punctuation into sentences accurately, such as colons, semi colons and brackets.


In Mathematics we have learnt how to convert fractions into decimals and then answered a range of questions…

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Critical Consumers

Image of Critical Consumers

In English we have been revising main, subordinate and relative clauses. We also revised relative pronouns for our SATs too.

In Maths we have started a new topic about reflecting and translating 2D shapes across multiple quadrants.

Today, we have been doing our Reading Skills and we have…

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World Book Day

Image of World Book Day

We have had lots of fun today for World Book Day, where we have enjoyed the Wizard of Oz as our theme. This morning we had our usual celebration assembly but this was introduced by Scarecrow and Tin Man. In class we created our own Wizard of Oz characters and wrote a short descriptive paragraph…

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Welcome to Jurassic Park

Image of Welcome to Jurassic Park

In English we are reading Jurassic park. We have read a chapter of the book called The Velociraptor where the characters Lex and Tim are hiding in a kitchen from a Velociraptor. We also created a new Reading display about the skills that we had revised.


In Maths we are learning about…

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Mean, Median, Mode, Range

Image of Mean, Median, Mode, Range

This week in English we have been planning, editing and writing our own Jabberwocky inspired narratives. Once we had planned these, we typed them up on the laptop. We had to choose whichever genre we wanted the narratives to be too.


In Mathematics we have been learning about the Mode,…

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Let There Be Light

Image of Let There Be Light

In Mathematics this week we have revised the long division method.


In English we have started learning about ‘The Jabberwocky.’ It’s a nonsense poem written by Lewis Carroll. We began performing the poem in group with intonation and expression and talking about what we thought the nonsense…

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