Week commencing 11 September 2023


This week we afforded our Year 6 class the opportunity to address the school (Yr2 – Yr6) to put themselves forward for Head Roles this year. During the week, every pupil in Years 2 – 6, along with all member of staff, have voted. In this Friday’s assembly, our winners were announced and we are thrilled to introduce to you our 2023 Head Team.

  • Head Boy:               Noah
  • Head Girl:                Iyla-Rose
  • Deputy Head Boy:     Joshua
  • Deputy Head Girl:      Lucy
  • Red Team Captain:    Damian
  • Blue Team Captain:   Scarlett
  • Green Team Captain:  Gabriella
  • Yellow Team Captain: Cassius
  • School Council Chair: Amelia
  • School Council Chair: Toby

In Mathematics we covered multiplying and dividing by 10, 100, and 1000.

In English we have identified the key features of diary entry, whilst revisiting our research about Pompeii.

In Science we began our unit on classification, creating a fact file about vertebrates.

In computing we have continued with our coding topic, looking at creating an adventure game using Python.

In PSHCE we have continued with the ideas of friendship, looking at qualities we look out for in a friend.

In Arithmetic we have revised our basic skills, emphasising the importance of formal setting out.

In SPAG we have revised our concrete, abstract, and collective nouns.

In RE we have discussed forgiveness in Christianity.

In PE we have had both dance with Miss Leah and practiced various rolls in gymnastics with Mr Mearns.


Our award winners this week are -

  • Star of the Week:       Amelia
  • Merit:                      Filza and Cassius
  • Good Friend Award:   Kyra-Mai (Y5)
  • Parkinson Polite Award: Maddison